Man pages for BoSSA
A Bunch of Structure and Sequence Analysis

BoSSA-packageA Bunch of Structure and Sequence Analysis
circular_treePlot an inside-out circular tree
plot.pplacePlot a pplace or jplace object
pplaceA placement object as obtained with the read_sqlite function
pplace_to_matrixPplace to contingency matrix
pplace_to_tableMerge the multiclass and the placement table of pplace object
pplace_to_taxonomyConvert a pplace object to a taxonomy table
print.pdbCompact display of protdb object
print.pplaceCompact display of pplace and jplace objects
read_jplaceRead a jplace file
read_pdbRead Protein Data Bank (PDB) file
read_sqliteRead a pplacer/guppy sqlite file
refpkgSummary data and plots for reference packages
sub_pplaceSubsets a pplace object
write_jplaceWrite a jplace or pplace object to the disk
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