Man pages for CoreGx
Classes and Functions to Serve as the Basis for Other 'Gx' Packages

amccCalculate an Adaptive Matthews Correlation Coefficient
cellInfocellInfo Generic
cellInfo-setcellInfo<- Generic
cellNamescellNames Generic
cellNames-setcellNames<- Generic
checkCSetStructureA function to verify the structure of a CoreSet
Cleveland_smallCleaveland_mut RadioSet subsetted and cast as CoreSet
connectivityScoreFunction computing connectivity scores between two signatures
CoreSetCoreSet constructor
CoreSet-classA Superclass to Contain Data for Genetic Profiling and...
cosinePermComputes the cosine similarity and significance using...
cSetNamecSetName Generic
dateCreateddateCreated Generic
distancePointLineCalculate shortest distance between point and line
distancePointSegmentCalculate shortest distance between point and line segment
examineGOFGetter for attributes of an object
featureInfofeatureInfo Generic
featureInfo-setfeatureInfo<- Generic
fNamesfNames Generic
gwcCalculate the gwc score between two vectors, using either a...
intersectListUtility to find the intersection between a list of more than...
mccCompute a Mathews Correlation Coefficient
mDataNamesmDataNames Generic
molecularProfilesmolecularProfiles Generic
molecularProfiles-setmolecularProfiles<- Generic
pertNumberpertNumber Generic
pertNumber-setpertNumber<- Generic
phenoInfophenoInfo Generic
phenoInfo-setphenoInfo<- Generic
sensitivityInfosensitivityInfo Generic
sensitivityInfo-setsensitivityInfo<- Generic
sensitivityMeasuressensitivityMeasures Generic
sensitivityProfilessensitivityProfiles Generic
sensitivityProfiles-setsensitivityProfiles<- Generic
sensNumbersensNumber Generic
sensNumber-setsensNumber<- Generic
show-CoreSet-methodShow a CoreSet
symSetDiffListUtility to find the symmetric set difference of a list of two...
unionListUtility to find the union between a list of more than two...
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