Man pages for CovTools
Statistical Tools for Covariance Analysis

BayesTest1Bayesian One-Sample Tests for Covariance Matrix
CovDistCompute Pairwise Distance for Symmetric Positive-Definite...
CovEst.adaptiveCovariance Estimation via Adaptive Thresholding
CovEst.hardCovariance Estimation via Hard Thresholding
CovEst.hardPDCovariance Estimation via Hard Thresholding under...
CovEst.nearPDCovariance Estimation via Nearest Positive-Definite Matrix...
CovEst.softCovariance Estimation via Soft Thresholding
CovMeanEstimate Mean Covariance Matrix
CovTest1One-Sample Tests for Covariance Matrices
CovTest2Two-Sample Tests for Covariance Matrices
DiagTest1One-Sample Diagonality Tests for Covariance Matrix
package-CovToolsA Collection of Geometric and Statistical Tools for...
PreEst.banded1Bayesian Estimation of a Banded Precision Matrix (Banerjee...
PreEst.banded2Bayesian Estimation of a Banded Precision Matrix (Lee 2017)
PreEst.banded3Banded Precision Matrix Estimation via Bandwidth Test
PreEst.glassoPrecision Matrix Estimation via Graphical Lasso
samplecovsGenerate Sample Covariances of 2 groups
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