testCategorical: Test for categorical dependencies

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Test for categorical dependencies


This function tests if there are probles in a res ~ group structure. It performs two tests: test for within-group uniformity, and test for between-group homogeneity of variances


testCategorical(simulationOutput, catPred, quantiles = c(0.25, 0.5, 0.75),
  plot = T)



an object of class DHARMa, either created via simulateResiduals for supported models or by createDHARMa for simulations created outside DHARMa, or a supported model. Providing a supported model directly is discouraged, because simulation settings cannot be changed in this case.


a categorical predictor with the same dimensions as the residuals in simulationOutput


whether to draw the quantile lines.


if T, the function will create an additional plot


The function tests for two common problems: are residuals within each group distributed according to model assumptions, and is the variance between group heterogeneous.

The test for within-group uniformity is performed via multipe KS-tests, with adjustment of p-values for multiple testing. If the plot is drawn, problematic groups are highlighted in red, and a corresponding message is displayed in the plot.

The test for homogeneity of variances is done with a Levene test. A significant p-value means that group variances are not constant. In this case, you should consider modelling variances, e.g. via ~dispformula in glmmTMB.


Florian Hartig

See Also

testResiduals, testUniformity, testOutliers, testDispersion, testZeroInflation, testGeneric, testTemporalAutocorrelation, testSpatialAutocorrelation, testQuantiles, testCategorical


testData = createData(sampleSize = 100, overdispersion = 0.5, randomEffectVariance = 0)
fittedModel <- glm(observedResponse ~ Environment1 , family = "poisson", data = testData)
simulationOutput <- simulateResiduals(fittedModel = fittedModel)

# the plot function runs 4 tests
# i) KS test i) Dispersion test iii) Outlier test iv) quantile test
plot(simulationOutput, quantreg = TRUE)

# testResiduals tests distribution, dispersion and outliers
# testResiduals(simulationOutput)

####### Individual tests #######

# KS test for correct distribution of residuals

# KS test for correct distribution within and between groups
testCategorical(simulationOutput, testData$group)

# Dispersion test - for details see ?testDispersion
testDispersion(simulationOutput) # tests under and overdispersion

# Outlier test (number of observations outside simulation envelope)
# Use type = "boostrap" for exact values, see ?testOutliers
testOutliers(simulationOutput, type = "binomial")

# testing zero inflation

# testing generic summaries
countOnes <- function(x) sum(x == 1)  # testing for number of 1s
testGeneric(simulationOutput, summary = countOnes) # 1-inflation
testGeneric(simulationOutput, summary = countOnes, alternative = "less") # 1-deficit

means <- function(x) mean(x) # testing if mean prediction fits
testGeneric(simulationOutput, summary = means)

spread <- function(x) sd(x) # testing if mean sd fits
testGeneric(simulationOutput, summary = spread)

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