Man pages for DNAseqtest
Generating and Testing DNA Sequences

artomatTransforming 4^K Array to m \times K Matrix
DistanceParalinear Distances
DNAseqtest-packageGenerating and Testing DNA Sequences
FmatrixJoint Distribution for Two Matched Sequences
gnJoint Distribution for K Matched Sequences
gn2Joint Distribution for K Matched Sequences (2)
gn3simGenerating Random DNA Samples Using the Rambaut and Grassly...
likelihoodNegative Log Likelihood Ratio
NtmlGenerating Samples from a Multinomial Distribution
PtTransition Probability Function
simappGenerating Random DNA Samples Using Approximation Method
simembGenerating Random DNA Samples Using Embedded Markov Chain
SmatrixSymmetric Matrix S
TEST2Test for Symmetry of Matched DNA Sequences
TEST3Overall Test for Marginal Symmetry
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