SortingBeer: Ten Assessors sorted eight beers for distatis analysis


Provide the data.frame Sort: Data set to be used to illustrated the use of the package DistatisR. Ten assessors sorted eight beers. These data come from the Abdi et al.' (2007) paper in Food Quality and Preference. Each column represents the results of the sorting task for one assessor. Beers with the same number were sorted together.




a data frame file containing 10 columns, 8 rows plus the names of the rows and the columns.


Abdi et al. (2007).


Abdi, H., Valentin, D., Chollet, S., & Chrea, C. (2007). Analyzing assessors and products in sorting tasks: DISTATIS, theory and applications. Food Quality and Preference, 18, 627–640.

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