ModelSet: List of 58 candidate models to fit to data

ModelSetR Documentation

List of 58 candidate models to fit to data


ModelSet is an example list of candidate models used in the reference below to calculate the DivE estimate




A list of 58 named functions (with named parameters). Each model in the list must be provided as a function, and must be of the following form: function(x, params) with(as.list(params), FunctionOfParams). The parameter names are a1, a2, a3, etc. These must match the names of the parameter values given in ParamSeeds and ParamRanges.


Each model is written as a function: function(x, params) with(as.list(params), FunctionOfParams). Examples are given in the ModelSet data file as part of the DivE package. The user can amend ModelSet and input additional models as required. The analytical form of all the models provided in ModelSet can be found in the reference below, in Text S1: List of DivE candidate models. All models were obtained from, an online curve fitting repository


Laydon, D. J., Melamed, A., Sim, A., Gillet, N. A., Sim, K., Darko, S., Kroll, S., Douek, D. C., Price, D., Bangham, C. R. M., Asquith, B., Quantification of HTLV-1 clonality and TCR diversity, PLOS Comput. Biol. 2014



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