ParamSeeds: List of 58 matrices of model seeding parameters.

ParamSeedsR Documentation

List of 58 matrices of model seeding parameters.


The performance of modFit (package FME) with the pseudorandom parameter search algorithm (package FME, pseudoOptim) used to estimated model parameter values, is sensitive to the choice of initial seeding values. We have provided the fitted parameters returned from our simulations to be used as initial seeding parameters.




A list of 58 matrices. Each matrix has columns corresponding to the parameters of the matching model in ModelSet. Each row is set of potential seeding parameters


For each model, each initial parameter guess (i.e. each row of the model matrix in ParamRanges) is evaluated by to modCost. The parameter guess returning the lowest cost is used as the seeding value in modFit. If the user wishes to input alternative initial seeding parameter values, then for each model and parameter, all values must be finite (not NA or NaN), and within the upper and lower bounds set in ParamRanges. Column names must match parameter names (params) in the corresponding model in ModelSet (i.e. models argument in DivEMaster).


Laydon, D. J., Melamed, A., Sim, A., Gillet, N. A., Sim, K., Darko, S., Kroll, S., Douek, D. C., Price, D., Bangham, C. R. M., Asquith, B., Quantification of HTLV-1 clonality and TCR diversity, PLOS Comput. Biol. 2014



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