Man pages for EMCluster
EM Algorithm for Model-Based Clustering of Finite Mixture Gaussian Distribution

00_EMCluster-packageEM Algorithm for Model-Based Clustering of Finite Mixture...
11_d.EMControlEM Control Generator and Controller
12_d.datasetDataset for demonstrations
21_init.EMInitialization and EM Algorithm
22_emclusterEM Algorithm for model-based clustering
23_emgroupOther Initializations
30_assign.classAssign Class Id
31_em.icInformation Criteria for Model-Based Clustering
32_em.stepSingle E- and M-step
40_lmtLikelihood Mixture Tests
91_mvnDensity of (Mixture) Multivariate Normal Distribution
92_convertConvert Matrices in Different Format
99_plotemPlot Two Dimensional Data with clusters
99_plotmdPlot Multivariate Data
a0_project.on.2dProduce Projection on 2D
a1_plotppcontourPlot Contour
xx_JaccardJaccard Index
xx_recolorRecolor Classification IDs
xx_RRandRand Index and Adjusted Rand Index
yy_print.summaryFunctions for Printing or Summarizing Objects According to...
zx_all.post_I_informationPost I Information Functions of EMCluster
zy_all.lmtLikelihood Mixture Test (LMT) Functions of EMCluster
zz_all.internalAll Internal Functions of EMCluster
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