Man pages for FishResp
Analytical Tool for Aquatic Respirometry

AMRActive Metabolic Rate: Final Data
AMR.cleanActive Metabolic Rate: Corrected Raw Data
AMR.rawActive Metabolic Rate: Raw Data
AMR.slopeActive Metabolic Rate: Extracted Slope(s)
calculate.MRCalculation of Metabolic Rate
convert.respirometryConvert Raw Respirometry Data (respirometry)
convert.rMRConvert Raw Respirometry Data (rMR)
correct.measCorrection of Metabolic Rate Measurements
export.MRExport Metabolic Rate
extract.slopeExtraction of Slope(s)
FishRespFishResp: Analytical Tool for Aquatic Respirometry
import.measImport Raw Data of Metabolic Rate Measurements
import.testImport Background Respiration Data
infoInfo about Individuals and Chambers
input.infoInput the Information about Individuals and Chambers
postPost Raw Data
prePre Raw Data
presens.aquarespConvert Respirometry Data from PreSens and AquaResp Software...
pyroscience.aquarespConvert Respirometry Data from PyroScience and AquaResp...
QC.activityQuality Control of Animal Activity
QC.measQuality Control of Raw Data
QC.slopeQuality Control of Slope(s)
resultsResults of Analysis: SMR, AMR and MS
rm.dataRemove Poor Quality Data
SMRStandard Metabolic Rate: Final Data
SMR.cleanStandard Metabolic Rate: Corrected Raw Data
SMR.rawStandard Metabolic Rate: Raw Data
SMR.slopeStandard Metabolic Rate: Extracted Slope(s)
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