FishResp: FishResp: Analytical Tool for Aquatic Respirometry

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Calculates metabolic rate of fish and other aquatic organisms measured using an intermittent-flow respirometry approach. The tool is used to run a set of graphical QC tests of raw respirometry data, correct it for background respiration and chamber effect, filter and extract target values of absolute and mass-specific metabolic rate. Experimental design should include background respiration tests and measuring of one or more metabolic rate traits. The package allows a user to import raw respirometry data obtained from 'AquaResp' (free software), 'AutoResp' ('LoligoSystems'), 'OxyView' ('PreSens'), 'Pyro Oxygen Logger' ('PyroScience') and 'Q-box Aqua' ('QubitSystems').


Sergey Morozov [email protected] Scott McCairns [email protected]


Before using the R package 'FishResp', we recommend reading two keystone reviews devoted to metabolic rate measurements of fish using an intermittent-flow approach:

  1. Clark, T. D., Sandblom, E., Jutfelt, F. (2013). Aerobic scope measurements of fishes in an era of climate change: respirometry, relevance and recommendations. Journal of Experimental Biology, 216(15), 2771-2782.

  2. Svendsen, M. B. S., Bushnell, P. G., Steffensen, J. F. (2016). Design and setup of intermittent-flow respirometry system for aquatic organisms. Journal of Fish Biology, 88(1), 26-50.

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