Man pages for FuzzyNumbers
Tools to Deal with Fuzzy Numbers

alphacut-methodsCompute Alpha-Cuts
alphaInterval-methodsCompute the Alpha-Interval of a Fuzzy Number
ambiguity-methodsCalculate the Ambiguity of a Fuzzy Number
approxInvertApproximate the Inverse of a Given Function
Arithmetic-methodsArithmetic Operations on Fuzzy Numbers
as.character-methodsGet Basic Information on a Fuzzy Number in a String
as.FuzzyNumberConverts an Object to a Fuzzy Number
as.PiecewiseLinearFuzzyNumberConverts an Object to a Piecewise Linear Fuzzy Number
as.PowerFuzzyNumberConverts an Object to a Power Fuzzy Number
as.TrapezoidalFuzzyNumberConverts an Object to a Trapezoidal Fuzzy Number
convertAlphaConvert a Given Upper/Lower Alpha-Cut Function to an...
convertSideConvert a Given Side Function to Side Generating Function
core-methodsCalculate the Core of a Fuzzy Number
DiscontinuousFuzzyNumberCreates a Fuzzy Number with Possibly Discontinuous Side...
DiscontinuousFuzzyNumber-class**EXPERIMENTAL** S4 Class Representing a Fuzzy Number with...
distance-methodsCalculate the Distance Between Two Fuzzy Numbers
evaluate-methodsEvaluate the Membership Function
expectedInterval-methodsCalculate the Expected Interval of a Fuzzy Number
expectedValue-methodsCalculate the Expected Value of a Fuzzy Number
Extract-methodsFuzzyNumber Slot Accessors
fapply-methodsApply a Function on a Fuzzy Number
FuzzyNumberCreates a Fuzzy Number
FuzzyNumber-classS4 class Representing a Fuzzy Number
FuzzyNumbers-packageTools to Deal with Fuzzy Numbers
integrateAlpha-methodsNumerically Integrate Alpha-Cut Bounds
integrate_discont_valIntegrate a Function with at Most Finite Number of...
maximumMaximum of fuzzy nubmers
minimumMinimum of fuzzy nubmers
necessityExceedanceNecessity of exceedance
necessityStrictExceedanceNecessity of strict exceedance
necessityStrictUndervaluationNecessity of strict undervaluation
necessityUndervaluationNecessity of undervaluation
piecewiseLinearApproximation-methodsPiecewise Linear Approximation of a Fuzzy Number
PiecewiseLinearFuzzyNumberCreates a Piecewise Linear Fuzzy Number
PiecewiseLinearFuzzyNumber-classS4 Class Representing a Piecewise Linear Fuzzy Number
plot-methodsPlot a Fuzzy Number
possibilityExceedancePossibility of exceedance
possibilityStrictExceedancePossibility of strict exceedance
possibilityStrictUndervaluationPossibility of strict undervaluation
possibilityUndervaluationPossibility of undervaluation
PowerFuzzyNumberCreates a Fuzzy Number with Sides Given by Power Functions
PowerFuzzyNumber-classS4 class Representing a Fuzzy Number with Sides Given by...
pow-PiecewiseLinearFuzzyNumber-numeric-methodInteger power of fuzzy number
show-methodsPrint Basic Information on a Fuzzy Number
supp-methodsCalculate the Support of a Fuzzy Number
trapezoidalApproximation-methodsTrapezoidal Approximation of a Fuzzy Number
TrapezoidalFuzzyNumberCreates a Trapezoidal Fuzzy Number
TrapezoidalFuzzyNumber-classS4 class Representing a Trapezoidal Fuzzy Number
TriangularFuzzyNumberCreates a Triangular Fuzzy Number
value-methodsCalculate the Value of a Fuzzy Number
weightedExpectedValue-methodsCalculate the Weighted Expected Value of a Fuzzy Number
width-methodsCalculate the Width of a Fuzzy Number
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