crop_curves: Crop the curves

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Crop the curves


Crop the curves to a certain interval, or crop missing and infinite argument values from the curves


crop_curves(curve_set, allfinite = TRUE, r_min = NULL, r_max = NULL)



A curve_set (see create_curve_set) or an envelope object of spatstat. If an envelope object is given, it must contain the summary functions from the simulated patterns which can be achieved by setting savefuns = TRUE when calling the envelope function.


Logical. TRUE means that the argument values where any of the curves have missing or infinite values are removed. FALSE means that only r_min and r_max apply.


The minimum radius to include.


The maximum radius to include.


The curves can be cropped to a certain interval defined by the arguments r_min and r_max. Also the argument values of the sets of curves which have missing or infinite values for any of the curves can be removed from the set (allfinite = TRUE). The interval should generally be chosen carefully for classical deviation tests.


A curve_set object containing the cropped summary functions and the cropped radius vector.

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