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Global Envelopes

abide_9002_23Local brain activity at resting state
adult_treesAdult trees data set
central_regionCentral region / Global envelope
cgecCentred government expenditure centralization ratios
combined_scaled_MAD_envelope_testCombined global scaled maximum absolute difference (MAD)...
create_curve_setCreate a curve_set object
create_image_setCreate a curve set of images
crop_curvesCrop the curves
deviation_testDeviation test
fallen_treesFallen trees
fBoxplotFunctional boxplot
fclusteringFunctional clustering
fdr_envelopeThe FDR envelope
forderFunctional ordering
frank.fanovaRank envelope F-test
frank.flmF rank functional GLM
GDPtaxGDP per capita with country groups and profit tax
GET.compositeAdjusted global envelope tests
GET.distrindepTest of independence of two general distributions
GET.localcorThe test of local correlations
GET.necdfGraphical n sample test of correspondence of distribution...
GET-packageGlobal Envelopes
GET.spatialFTesting global and local dependence of point patterns on...
GET.variogramVariogram and residual variogram with global envelopes
global_envelope_testGlobal envelope test
graph.fanovaOne-way graphical functional ANOVA
graph.flmGraphical functional GLM
imageset3A simulated set of images
is.curve_setCheck class.
partial_forderFunctional ordering in parts
plot.combined_fboxplotPlot method for the class 'combined_fboxplot'
plot.combined_global_envelopePlot method for the class 'combined_global_envelope'
plot.combined_global_envelope2dPlotting function for combined 2d global envelopes
plot.curve_setPlot method for the class 'curve_set'
plot.curve_set2dPlot method for the class 'curve_set2d'
plot.fboxplotPlot method for the class 'fboxplot'
plot.fclustPlot method for the class 'fclust'
plot.global_envelopePlot method for the class 'global_envelope'
plot.global_envelope2dPlotting function for 2d global envelopes
popgrowthmillionPopulation growth
print.combined_fboxplotPrint method for the class 'combined_fboxplot'
print.combined_global_envelopePrint method for the class 'combined_global_envelope'
print.curve_setPrint method for the class 'curve_set'
print.deviation_testPrint method for the class 'deviation_test'
print.fboxplotPrint method for the class 'fboxplot'
print.fclustPrint method for the class 'fclust'
print.fdr_envelopePrint method for the class 'fdr_envelope'
print.GET_contingencyPrint method for the class 'GET_contingency'
print.global_envelopePrint method for the class 'global_envelope'
qdir_envelopeGlobal scaled maximum absolute difference (MAD) envelope...
rank_envelopeThe rank envelope test
residualResidual form of the functions
rimovYear temperature curves
roadcrashRoad crashes
saplingsSaplings data set
subset.curve_setSubsetting curve sets
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