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Global Envelopes

abide_9002_23Local brain activity at resting state
adult_treesAdult trees data set
central_regionCentral region / Global envelope
cgecCentred government expenditure centralization ratios
combined_scaled_MAD_envelope_testCombined global scaled maximum absolute difference (MAD)...
create_curve_setCreate a curve_set object
create_image_setCreate a curve set of images
crop_curvesCrop the curves to a certain interval
deviation_testDeviation test
fallen_treesFallen trees
fBoxplotFunctional boxplot
fclusteringFunctional clustering
fdr_envelopeThe FDR envelope
forderFunctional ordering
frank.fanovaRank envelope F-test
frank.flmF rank functional GLM
GDPtaxGDP per capita with country groups and profit tax
GET.cdfTest of independence based on cumulative distribution...
GET.compositeAdjusted global envelope tests
GET.contingencyTest of independence in a 2D contingency table
GET.localcorThe test of local correlations
GET.necdfGraphical n sample test of correspondence of distribution...
GET-packageGlobal Envelopes
GET.qqTest of independence based on the smoothed Q-Q plot
GET.spatialFTesting global and local dependence of point patterns on...
GET.variogramVariogram and residual variogram with global envelopes
global_envelope_testGlobal envelope test
graph.fanovaOne-way graphical functional ANOVA
graph.flmGraphical functional GLM
imageset3A simulated set of images
is.curve_setCheck class.
partial_forderFunctional ordering in parts
plot.combined_fboxplotPlot method for the class 'combined_fboxplot'
plot.combined_global_envelopePlot method for the class 'combined_global_envelope'
plot.combined_global_envelope2dPlotting function for combined 2d global envelopes
plot.curve_setPlot method for the class 'curve_set'
plot.curve_set2dPlot method for the class 'curve_set2d'
plot.fboxplotPlot method for the class 'fboxplot'
plot.fclustPlot method for the class 'fclust'
plot.global_envelopePlot method for the class 'global_envelope'
plot.global_envelope2dPlotting function for 2d global envelopes
popgrowthmillionPopulation growth
print.combined_fboxplotPrint method for the class 'combined_fboxplot'
print.combined_global_envelopePrint method for the class 'combined_global_envelope'
print.curve_setPrint method for the class 'curve_set'
print.deviation_testPrint method for the class 'deviation_test'
print.fboxplotPrint method for the class 'fboxplot'
print.fclustPrint method for the class 'fclust'
print.fdr_envelopePrint method for the class 'fdr_envelope'
print.GET_contingencyPrint method for the class 'GET_contingency'
print.global_envelopePrint method for the class 'global_envelope'
qdir_envelopeGlobal scaled maximum absolute difference (MAD) envelope...
rank_envelopeThe rank envelope test
residualResidual form of the functions
rimovYear temperature curves
saplingsSaplings data set
subset.curve_setSubsetting curve sets
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