Man pages for GMD
Generalized Minimum Distance of distributions a BedGraph fiel to a vector of depth-like signals
cageCAGE Data: Transcription Start Site Distributions (TSSDs) by...
chipseqChIP-seq data: ChIP-seq Enrichment around TSSs
cssClustering Sum-of-Squares for clustering evaluation
elbowThe "Elbow" Method for Clustering Evaluation
equalize.listMake members of a list equal size
gdistGeneralized Distance Matrix Computation
get.sepGet row or column lines of separation for heatmap.3
ghistGeneralized Histogram Computation
gmdmGeneralized Minimum Distance Matrix
gmdpGeneralized Minimum Distance between a pair of distributions
GMD-packageThe Package for Generalized Minimum Distance (GMD)...
heatmap.3Enhanced Heatmap Representation with Dendrogram and Partition
legendAdd Legends to Plots
mhist.summaryBin-wise summary of histograms
plot.gmdmS3 method for class 'gmdm'
plot.gmdpPlot function for class gmdp
plot.mhistS3 method for class 'mhist'.
ts2dfConvert time series to data frame
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