Man pages for GauPro
Gaussian Process Fitting

corr_gauss_matrixGaussian correlation
corr_gauss_matrix_sym_armaCCorrelation Gaussian matrix in C using Armadillo (symmetric)
corr_gauss_matrix_symCCorrelation Gaussian matrix in C (symmetric)
ExponentialExponential Kernel R6 class
GauPro_baseClass providing object with methods for fitting a GP model
GauPro_GaussCorr Gauss GP using inherited optim
GauPro_kernelKernel R6 class
GauPro_kernel_betaBeta Kernel R6 class
GauPro_kernel_modelGauPro model that uses kernels
GauPro_trendTrend R6 class
GaussianGaussian Kernel R6 class
Gaussian_devianceCCalculate the Gaussian deviance in C
Gaussian_hessianCCalculate Hessian for a GP with Gaussian correlation
Gaussian_hessianCCGaussian hessian in C
Gaussian_hessianRCalculate Hessian for a GP with Gaussian correlation
kernel_productGaussian Kernel R6 class
kernel_sumGaussian Kernel R6 class
Matern32Matern 3/2 Kernel R6 class
Matern52Matern 5/2 Kernel R6 class
PeriodicPeriodic Kernel R6 class
plot.GauProPlot for class GauPro
plus-.GauPro_kernelKernel sum
predict.GauProPredict for class GauPro
RatQuadRational Quadratic Kernel R6 class
times-.GauPro_kernelKernel product
trend_0Trend R6 class
trend_cTrend R6 class
trend_LMTrend R6 class
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