Man pages for HMPTrees
Statistical Object Oriented Data Analysis of RDP-Based Taxonomic Trees from Human Microbiome Data

checkTreeValidityCheck Validity of an RDP-Based Taxonomic Tree
compareTwoDataSetsLikelihood-Ratio-Test Statistics to Compare the Distribution...
createAndPlotCreate and Plot a Tree from a Data Set
createTreesCreate a Tree Object
displayLegendDisplays Tree Plot Legend
formatDataFormats a Data Set
generateTreeGenerate Test Trees
getMLEandLoglikeGet MLE and Log Likelihood of a Data Set
HMPTrees-internalInternal Functions
HMPTrees-packageObject Oriented Data Analysis of Taxonomic Trees
mergeDataSetsMerge Multiple Data Sets
pairedCompareTwoDataSetsLikelihood-Ratio-Test Statistics to Compare the Distribution...
plotTreePlots a Tree Object
plotTreeDataMDSPlot an MDS Plot of a Group of Trees
salivaSaliva Data Set
stoolStool Data Set
throatThroat Data Set
trimToTaxaLevelTrim a Tree to a Given Level
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