Man pages for IGM.MEA
IGM MEA Analysis

caclulate.burst.featuresFilter spikes and bursts in recording objects
caclulate.spike.featuresFilter spikes and bursts in recording objects
calc.burst.distributionscalculate and plot burst featues distributions
calc.burst.summaryCalculate average and standard deviation of the bursting...
calculate.isisCalculate inter spike intervals network bursts for a list of MEA recordings. the netwrok spikes statistics from spike lists.
dist.permBurst distribution permutations
filter.wellsFilter wells
get.burst.infoget burst feature information
get.wtGet WT utility function to check if network spikes are detected.
IGM.aggregate.featuresAggregate Feature Data method for plotting network spikes.
IGM.plot.plate.summary.for.burstsPlot burst features
IGM.plot.plate.summary.for.spikesplot.plate.summary.for.spikes for network spikes at the plate level.
load.spikelistLoad Robject File
mi.find.burstsFind bursts network burst data matrix to a list of data frames.
parametersA list of parameters with default values that user can...
permute.features.and.plotWrite PDF
read.spikelistAxion convert spkList to Robject
Sexample 'S' object
si.find.burstsFind bursts network spikes based features. feature data to an output file and write netowrk spikes features into a csv file.
write.plate.summary.for.burstsPrints bursting features
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