Man pages for LMERConvenienceFunctions
Model Selection and Post-hoc Analysis for (G)LMER Models

bfFixefLMER_F.fncBack-fits an LMER model on p-values from ANOVA, llrt, AIC,...
bfFixefLMER_t.fncBack-fits an LMER model on absolute t-value and, optionally,...
cdChange directory.
cdfChange directory; list files and directories in new directory...
cdupChange directory one level up.
cnList the column names of a data frame in matrix format.
fList files and directories in current directory.
ffRanefLMER.fncForward-fit the random effect structure of an LMER model.
fitLMER.fncBack-fit fixed effects and forward-fit random effects of an...
LMERConvenienceFunctions-packageModel Selection and Post-hoc Analysis for (G)LMER Models
mcp.fncModel criticism plots.
mcposthoc.fncPosthoc analyses for LMER models using parallel capabilities.
pamer.fncANOVA with upper- and lower-bound _p_-values and R-sqaured...
perSubjectTrim.fncPer-subject Trimming of Response Variable.
plotDensity3d.fncKernel density estimation for two continuous variables.
plotLMER3d.fncDynamic 3d plot for 'mer' object.
plotLMER.fncplot a mer object
plotRaw3d.fncVisualize raw surface averages (3d)
relLikRelative log-likehood.
romr.fncExclude outliers.
summary.mcposthocSummarize a "mcposthoc" object.
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