is.constrained: Logical Check of Constraints

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This function provides a logical test of constraints for each initial value or parameter for a model specification, given data.


is.constrained(Model, Initial.Values, Data)



This is a model specification function. For more information, see the LaplacesDemon function.


This is a vector of initial values, or current parameter values. For more information, see the LaplacesDemon function.


This is a list of data. For more information, see the LaplacesDemon function.


This function is useful for testing whether or not initial values changed due to constraints when being passed through a Model specification function. If any initial value changes, then the constrained values that are ouput in the fifth component of the Model specification are suitable as initial values, not the tested initial values.

A parameter may be constrained and this function may not discover the constraint, since the discovery depends on the initial values and whether or not they change as they are passed through the model.


The is.constrained function returns a logical vector, equal in length to the number of initial values. Each element receives TRUE if the corresponding initial value changed due to a constraint, or FALSE if it did not.


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