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This may be used to plot variable importance with BPIC, predictive concordance, a discrepancy statistic, or the L-criterion regarding an object of class importance.


## S3 method for class 'importance'
plot(x, Style="BPIC", ...)



This required argument is an object of class importance.


When Style="BPIC", BPIC is shown, and BPIC is the default. Otherwise, predictive concordance is plotted when Style="Concordance", a discrepancy statistic is plotted when Style="Discrep", or the L-criterion is plotted when Style="L-criterion".


Additional arguments are unused.


The x-axis is either BPIC (Ando, 2007), predictive concordance (Gelfand, 1996), a discrepancy statistic (Gelman et al., 1996), or the L-criterion (Laud and Ibrahim, 1995) of the Importance function (depending on the Style argument), and variables are on the y-axis. A more important variable is associated with a dot that is plotted farther to the right. For more information on variable importance, see the Importance function.


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