LatticeKrig: Multiresolution Kriging Based on Markov Random Fields

Methods for the interpolation of large spatial datasets. This package follows a "fixed rank Kriging" approach using a large number of basis functions and provides spatial estimates that are comparable to standard families of covariance functions. Using a large number of basis functions allows for estimates that can come close to interpolating the observations (a spatial model with a small nugget variance.) Moreover, the covariance model for this method can approximate the Matern covariance family but also allows for a multi-resolution model and supports efficient computation of the profile likelihood for estimating covariance parameters. This is accomplished through compactly supported basis functions and a Markov random field model for the basis coefficients. These features lead to sparse matrices for the computations and this package makes of the R spam package for this. An extension of this version over previous ones ( < 5.4 ) is the support for different geometries besides a rectangular domain. The Markov random field approach combined with a basis function representation makes the implementation of different geometries simple where only a few specific functions need to be added with most of the computation and evaluation done by generic routines that have been tuned to be efficient. One benefit of this package's model/approach is the facility to do unconditional and conditional simulation of the field for large numbers of arbitrary points. There is also the flexibility for estimating non-stationary covariances and also the case when the observations are a linear combination (e.g. an integral) of the spatial process. Included are generic methods for prediction, standard errors for prediction, plotting of the estimated surface and conditional and unconditional simulation.

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AuthorDouglas Nychka [aut, cre], Dorit Hammerling [aut], Stephan Sain [aut], Nathan Lenssen [aut], Colette Smirniotis [aut]
Date of publication2016-12-20 19:11:59
MaintainerDouglas Nychka <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

directionCosines: Utility functions for spherical coordinate and projections.

gridList-class: Class '"gridList"'. A description of a regular and...

IcosohedronGrid: Icosoherdal multiresolution grids

LatticeKrig: User-friendly spatial prediction and inference using a...

LKDist: Find all pairwise distances within a maximum distance.

LKGeometry: Tailoring the LatticeKrig model to a specific geometry.

LKinfoCheck: Check the LKinfo object

LKrig: Spatial prediction and inference using a compactly supported...

LKrig.basis: Functions for generating a multiresolution, compactly...

LKrigDefaultFixedFunction: Creates fixed part of spatial model.

LKrigDistance-methods: Distance function methods for 'LKrigDistance' in Package...

LKrigInternal: Internal functions for LatticeKrig package.

LKrigLatticeCenters: Methods to report the locations or scales associated with the...

LKrigMiscellaneous: Miscellaneous internal functions for LatticeKrig package.

LKrig.MLE: Simple function to search over covariance parameters for...

LKrigNormalizeBasis: Methods and functions to support normalizing to marginal...

LKrigSAR: Method that creates the spatial autoregressive (SAR) matrix.

LKrigSetup: Create or update the LatticeKrig model object (LKinfo) for...

LKrigSetupAlpha: Creates the alpha parameter list in LatticeKrig covariance.

LKrigSetupAwght: Method to create a.wght component from the 'LKinfo' object.

LKrigSetupLattice: Creates the lattice information for a specific geometry.

LKrig.sim: Functions for simulating a multiresolution process following...

PeriodicGeometry: Geometries to represent 2-d and 3-d spherical data.

Radial.Basis: Two dimensional radial and tensor basis functions based on a...

setDefaultsLKinfo: Method for including default information in the LKinfo...


Awght2Omega Man page
choleskyMemory Man page
convertIndexArray Man page
convertIndexPeriodic Man page
createLKrigObject Man page
dfind2d Man page
dfind3d Man page
directionCosines Man page
expandMatrix Man page
expandMatrix0 Man page
expandMList Man page
grid2Index Man page
gridList Man page
gridList-class Man page
gridListInfo Man page
IcosohedronFaces Man page
IcosohedronGrid Man page
LambdaAwghtObjectiveFunction Man page
LatticeKrig Man page
LatticeKrigEasyDefaults Man page
LKArrayShift Man page
LKBox Man page
LKCylinder Man page
LKDist Man page
LKDistComponents Man page
LKDistGrid Man page
LKDistGridComponents Man page
LKGeometry Man page
LKGridCheck Man page
LKGridFindNmax Man page
LKinfo Man page
LKinfoCheck Man page
LKinfoCheck.default Man page
LKinfoUpdate Man page
LKInterval Man page
LKRectangle Man page
LKRectangleSetupNormalization Man page
LKrig Man page
LKrig.basis Man page
LKrig.coef Man page
LKrig.cov Man page
LKrig.cov.plot Man page
LKrigCovWeightedObs Man page
LKrig.cyl Man page
LKrigDefaultFixedFunction Man page
LKrigDistance Man page
LKrigDistance,matrix,gridList,numeric-method Man page
LKrigDistance,matrix,matrix,numeric-method Man page
LKrigDistance-methods Man page
LKrigFindLambda Man page
LKrigFindLambdaAwght Man page
LKrigLatticeCenters Man page
LKrigLatticeCenters.default Man page
LKrigLatticeCenters.LKBox Man page
LKrigLatticeCenters.LKCylinder Man page
LKrigLatticeCenters.LKInterval Man page
LKrigLatticeCenters.LKRectangle Man page
LKrigLatticeCenters.LKRing Man page
LKrigLatticeCenters.LKSphere Man page
LKrigLatticeScales Man page
LKrigLatticeScales.default Man page
LKrig.lnPlike Man page
LKrig.lnPlikeOLD Man page
LKrig.make.par.grid Man page
LKrigMakewU Man page
LKrigMakewX Man page
LKrigMarginalVariance Man page
LKrig.MLE Man page
LKrigNormalizeBasis Man page
LKrigNormalizeBasisFast Man page
LKrigNormalizeBasisFast.default Man page
LKrigNormalizeBasisFast.LKRectangle Man page
LKrigPeriodicFixedFunction Man page
LKrig.precision Man page
LKrig.quadraticform Man page
LKrig.rowshift Man page
LKrig.rowshift.periodic Man page
LKrigSAR Man page
LKrigSAR.default Man page
LKrigSAR.LKBox Man page
LKrigSAR.LKCylinder Man page
LKrigSAR.LKInterval Man page
LKrigSAR.LKRectangle Man page
LKrigSAR.LKRing Man page
LKrigSAR.LKSphere Man page
LKrigSetup Man page
LKrigSetupAlpha Man page
LKrigSetupAlpha.default Man page
LKrigSetupAlpha.LKBox Man page
LKrigSetupAlpha.LKInterval Man page
LKrigSetupAlpha.LKRectangle Man page
LKrigSetupAwght Man page
LKrigSetupAwght.default Man page
LKrigSetupAwght.LKRectangle Man page
LKrigSetupLattice Man page
LKrigSetupLattice.default Man page
LKrigSetupLattice.LKBox Man page
LKrigSetupLattice.LKCylinder Man page
LKrigSetupLattice.LKInterval Man page
LKrigSetupLattice.LKRectangle Man page
LKrigSetupLattice.LKRing Man page
LKrigSetupLattice.LKSphere Man page
LKrig.shift.matrix Man page
LKrig.sim Man page
LKrig.sim.conditional Man page
LKrig.spind2spam Man page
LKrig.traceA Man page
LKrigUnrollZGrid Man page
LKRing Man page
LKSphere Man page
omega2Awght Man page
predict.LKrig Man page
predictLKrigFixedFunction Man page
predictSE.LKrig Man page
predictSurface.LKrig Man page
print.LatticeKrig Man page
print.LKinfo Man page
print.LKrig Man page
projectionSphere Man page
Radial.basis Man page
repMatrix Man page
setDefaultsLKinfo Man page
setDefaultsLKinfo.default Man page
setDefaultsLKinfo.LKBox Man page
setDefaultsLKinfo.LKCylinder Man page
setDefaultsLKinfo.LKInterval Man page
setDefaultsLKinfo.LKRectangle Man page
setDefaultsLKinfo.LKRing Man page
setDefaultsLKinfo.LKSphere Man page
simConditionalDraw Man page
surface.LKrig Man page
Tensor.basis Man page
toSphere Man page
triWeight Man page
WendlandFunction Man page
which.max.image Man page
which.max.matrix Man page


tests/LKrig.testFindAwght.R tests/LKrig.lnPLike.test.R tests/LKrig.LKCylinder.test.R tests/LKrig.test.R
tests/LKrig.test.3D.R tests/LKrig.precision.test.R
tests/LKrig.test.inverse.R tests/LKrig.FindNorm.test.R tests/LKrig.nullspace.test.R
R/LKrig.sim.R R/print.LKrig.R R/LKinfoCheck.R R/LKDistGridComponents.R R/predictSurface.LKrig.R R/LKrigSetup.R R/LKDistComponents.R R/predictSE.LKrig.R R/GridList.R R/LKrigMarginalVariance.R R/triWeight.R R/LKrig.misc.R R/LKrig.precision.R R/LKrigLatticeCenters.R R/LKrigCovWeightedObs.R R/ModelLKSphere.R R/Awght2Omega.R R/LKrig.coef.R R/LKrigSetupAlpha.R R/LKrigLatticeScales.R R/LKrig.make.par.grid.R R/LKrigFindLambda.R R/directionCosines.R R/Tensor.basis.R R/LKrigFindLambdaAwght.R R/LKrigSAR.R R/LKrig.cov.plot.R R/LKDist.R R/LKrig.MLE.R R/LKGridFindNmax.R R/Radial.basis.R R/LKrigNormalizeBasis.R R/LKrigUnrollGrid.R R/LKGridCheck.R R/ModelBox.R R/surface.LKrig.R R/LKrig.basis.R R/predict.LKrig.R R/LKrig.quadraticform.R R/ModelRing.R R/LKrig.cov.R R/LKinfoUpdate.R R/setDefaultsLKinfo.R R/LatticeKrig.R R/LKRectangleFastNormalization.R R/LKrig.lnPlike.R R/ModelInterval.R R/LKDistGrid.R R/print.LKinfo.R R/ModelCylinder.R R/LKrig.traceA.R R/LKrig.sim.conditional.R R/LKrigDistance.R R/predictLKrigFixedFunction.R R/WendlandFunction.R R/LKrigMakewU.R R/ModelRectangle.R R/LKSphere-Internal.R R/LKrigSetupLattice.R R/LKrigSetupAwght.R R/LKrigDefaultFixedFunction.R R/LKrig.R R/createLKrigObject.R R/convertIndexPeriodic.R R/LKrig.spind2spam.R R/LKrigMakewX.R R/zzz.R R/LatticeKrigEasyDefaults.R R/print.LatticeKrig.R
man/LKrigSetupAwght.Rd man/LKrig.sim.Rd man/LKinfoCheck.Rd man/gridList-class.Rd
man/LKDist.Rd man/PeriodicGeometry.Rd man/LKrigInternal.Rd man/LKrigSAR.Rd man/LKrigLatticeCenters.Rd man/IcosohedronGrid.Rd man/LKrigDefaultFixedFunction.Rd man/LKrig.Rd man/LKrigSetupAlpha.Rd man/Radial.Basis.Rd man/LKrig.basis.Rd man/LKrigDistance-methods.Rd man/directionCosines.Rd man/LKGeometry.Rd man/LKrigSetup.Rd man/LKrigNormalizeBasis.Rd man/setDefaultsLKinfo.Rd man/LKrigSetupLattice.Rd man/LatticeKrig.Rd man/LKrig.MLE.Rd man/LKrigMiscellaneous.Rd

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