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The package LogicOpt provides access to powerful logic minimization algorithms that operate on a sum-of-products truth table. The core algorithms are built on Espresso Version 2.3 developed at UC Berkeley for digital logic synthesis purposes. The espresso C code has been extended extensively to integrate within the R framework and support additional logic optimization use cases that operate on R data frame tables. The primary interface to the package is through the logicopt function.

New algorithms have been developed that leverage the espresso core routines and data structures to support logic optimization use cases used by Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA). See the "primes", "multi-min", and "multi-full" options for the "mode" paramater in function logicopt. These modes along with the paramater find_dc=TRUE provide features similar to those provided by QCAGUI::eqmcc and QCApro::eQMC but the espresso-based routines here are able to handle much larger functions and run in less runtime. Integration to QCA is through the QCAGUI::truthTable or QCApro::truthTable functions provided in QCA packages QCAGUI and QCApro respectively (other QCA packages may also work but have not been tested). These functions provide the necessary functionality to convert a raw QCA dataset into a QCA truth table (see documentation in those packages for more details). The function QCAtt2LOtt then provides the last step to get to an expresso compatible truth table. See dataset l.represent.1 for an example flow from a raw QCA dataset to final optimized QCA results.

This package also contains a Genetic Programming use case where a maze navigation program for a robot is optimized. See the paper referenced below as well as the example truth table l.robot1 for more details. The logicopt option mode="echo" was developed to support the abiilty to view the input truth table prior to optimization.


Package: LogicOpt
Type: Package
Version: 0.1.0
Date: 2016-04-15
License: GPL (>= 2)


William Stiehl

William Stiehl


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