MBESS: The MBESS R Package

Implements methods that useful in designing research studies and analyzing data, with particular emphasis on methods that are developed for or used within the behavioral, educational, and social sciences (broadly defined). That being said, many of the methods implemented within MBESS are applicable to a wide variety of disciplines. MBESS has a suite of functions for a variety of related topics, such as effect sizes, confidence intervals for effect sizes (including standardized effect sizes and noncentral effect sizes), sample size planning (from the accuracy in parameter estimation [AIPE], power analytic, equivalence, and minimum-risk point estimation perspectives), mediation analysis, various properties of distributions, and a variety of utility functions. MBESS (pronounced 'em-bes') was originally an acronym for 'Methods for the Behavioral, Educational, and Social Sciences,' but at this point MBESS contains methods applicable and used in a wide variety of fields and is an orphan acronym, in the sense that what was an acronym is now literally its name. MBESS has greatly benefited from others, see <http://nd.edu/~kkelley/site/MBESS.html> for a detailed list of those that have contributed and other details.

AuthorKen Kelley [aut, cre]
Date of publication2017-01-27 10:17:43
MaintainerKen Kelley <kkelley@nd.edu>
LicenseGPL-2 | GPL-3

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Man pages

aipe.smd: Sample size planning for the standardized mean different from...

ancova.random.data: Generate random data for an ANCOVA model

CFA.1: One-factor confirmatory factor analysis model

ci.c: Confidence interval for a contrast in a fixed effects ANOVA

ci.c.ancova: Confidence interval for an (unstandardized) contrast in...

ci.cc: Confidence interval for the population correlation...

ci.cv: Confidence interval for the coefficient of variation

ci.pvaf: Confidence Interval for the Proportion of Variance Accounted...

ci.R: Confidence interval for the multiple correlation coefficient

ci.R2: Confidence interval for the population squared multiple...

ci.rc: Confidence Interval for a Regression Coefficient

ci.reg.coef: Confidence interval for a regression coefficient

ci.reliability: Confidence Interval for a Reliability Coefficient

ci.rmsea: Confidence interval for the population root mean square error...

ci.sc: Confidence Interval for a Standardized Contrast in a Fixed...

ci.sc.ancova: Confidence interval for a standardized contrast in ANCOVA...

ci.sm: Confidence Interval for the Standardized Mean

ci.smd: Confidence limits for the standardized mean difference.

ci.smd.c: Confidence limits for the standardized mean difference using...

ci.snr: Confidence Interval for the Signal-To-Noise Ratio

ci.src: Confidence Interval for a Standardized Regression Coefficient

ci.srsnr: Confidence Interval for the Square Root of the...

conf.limits.nc.chisq: Confidence limits for noncentral chi square parameters

conf.limits.ncf: Confidence limits for noncentral F parameters

conf.limits.nct: Confidence limits for a noncentrality parameter from a...

cor2cov: Correlation Matrix to Covariance Matrix Conversion

Cor.Mat.Lomax: Correlation matrix for Lomax (1983) data set

Cor.Mat.MM: Correlation matrix for Maruyama & McGarvey (1980) data set

covmat.from.cfm: Covariance matrix from confirmatory (single) factor model.

cv: Function to calculate the regular (which is also biased)...

Expected.R2: Expected value of the squared multiple correlation...

F.and.R2.Noncentral.Conversion: Conversion functions from noncentral noncentral values to...

Gardner.LD: The Gardner learning data, which was used by L.R. Tucker

HS.data: Complete Data Set of Holzinger and Swineford's (1939) Study

intr.plot: Regression Surface Containing Interaction

intr.plot.2d: Plotting Conditional Regression Lines with Interactions in...

MBESS-package: MBESS

mediation: Effect sizes and confidence intervals in a mediation model

mediation.effect.bar.plot: Bar plots of mediation effects

mediation.effect.plot: Visualizing mediation effects

mr.cv: Minimum risk point estimation of the population coefficient...

mr.smd: Minimum risk point estimation of the population standardized...

power.density.equivalence.md: Density for power of two one-sided tests procedure (TOST) for...

power.equivalence.md: Power of Two One-Sided Tests Procedure (TOST) for Equivalence

power.equivalence.md.plot: Plot power of Two One-Sided Tests Procedure (TOST) for...

prof.salary: Cohen et. al. (2003)'s professor salary data set

Sigma.2.SigmaStar: Construct a covariance matrix with specified error of...

signal.to.noise.R2: Signal to noise using squared multiple correlation...

smd: Standardized mean difference

smd.c: Standardized mean difference using the control group as the...

ss.aipe.c: Sample size planning for an ANOVA contrast from the Accuracy...

ss.aipe.c.ancova: Sample size planning for a contrast in randomized ANCOVA from...

ss.aipe.c.ancova.sensitivity: Sensitivity analysis for sample size planning for the...

ssAIPECRD: Find target sample sizes for the accuracy in unstandardized...

ssAIPECRDES: Find target sample sizes for the accuracy in standardized...

ss.aipe.cv: Sample size planning for the coefficient of variation given...

ss.aipe.cv.sensitivity: Sensitivity analysis for sample size planning given the...

ss.aipe.pcm: Sample size planning for polynomial change models in...

ss.aipe.R2: Sample Size Planning for Accuracy in Parameter Estimation for...

ss.aipe.R2.sensitivity: Sensitivity analysis for sample size planning with the goal...

ss.aipe.rc: Sample size necessary for the accuracy in parameter...

ss.aipe.rc.sensitivity: Sensitivity analysis for sample size planing from the...

ss.aipe.reg.coef: Sample size necessary for the accuracy in parameter...

ss.aipe.reg.coef.sensitivity: Sensitivity analysis for sample size planning from the...

ss.aipe.reliability: Sample Size Planning for Accuracy in Parameter Estimation for...

ss.aipe.rmsea: Sample size planning for RMSEA in SEM

ss.aipe.rmsea.sensitivity: a priori Monte Carlo simulation for sample size planning for...

ss.aipe.sc: Sample size planning for Accuracy in Parameter Estimation...

ss.aipe.sc.ancova: Sample size planning from the AIPE perspective for...

ss.aipe.sc.ancova.sensitivity: Sensitivity analysis for the sample size planning method for...

ss.aipe.sc.sensitivity: Sensitivity analysis for sample size planning for the...

ss.aipe.sem.path: Sample size planning for SEM targeted effects

ss.aipe.sem.path.sensitiv: a priori Monte Carlo simulation for sample size planning for...

ss.aipe.sm: Sample size planning for Accuracy in Parameter Estimation...

ss.aipe.smd: Sample size planning for the standardized mean difference...

ss.aipe.smd.sensitivity: Sensitivity analysis for sample size given the Accuracy in...

ss.aipe.sm.sensitivity: Sensitivity analysis for sample size planning for the...

ss.aipe.src: sample size necessary for the accuracy in parameter...

ss.aipe.src.sensitivity: Sensitivity analysis for sample size planing from the...

ss.power.pcm: Sample size planning for power for polynomial change models

ss.power.R2: Function to plan sample size so that the test of the squared...

ss.power.rc: sample size for a targeted regression coefficient

ss.power.reg.coef: sample size for a targeted regression coefficient

ss.power.sem: Sample size planning for structural equation modeling from...

s.u: Unbiased estimate of the population standard deviation

t.and.smd.conversion: Conversion functions for noncentral t-distribution

theta.2.Sigma.theta: Compute the model-implied covariance matrix of an SEM model

transform_r.Z: Transform a correlation coefficient (r) into the scale of...

transform_Z.r: Transform Fischer's _Z_ into the scale of a correlation...

upsilon: A function for estimating the mediation effect size as...

Variance.R2: Variance of squared multiple correlation coefficient

verify.ss.aipe.R2: Internal MBESS function for verifying the sample size in...

vit: Visualize individual trajectories

vit.fitted: Visualize individual trajectories with fitted curve and...


ancova.random.data Man page
CFA.1 Man page
ci.c Man page
ci.c.ancova Man page
ci.cc Man page
ci.cv Man page
ci.pvaf Man page
ci.R Man page
ci.R2 Man page
ci.rc Man page
ci.reg.coef Man page
ci.reliability Man page
ci.rmsea Man page
ci.sc Man page
ci.sc.ancova Man page
ci.sm Man page
ci.smd Man page
ci.smd.c Man page
ci.snr Man page
ci.src Man page
ci.srsnr Man page
conf.limits.nc.chisq Man page
conf.limits.ncf Man page
conf.limits.nct Man page
cor2cov Man page
Cor.Mat.Lomax Man page
Cor.Mat.MM Man page
covmat.from.cfm Man page
cv Man page
delta2lambda Man page
Expected.R2 Man page
F2Rsquare Man page
Gardner.LD Man page
HS.data Man page
intr.plot Man page
intr.plot.2d Man page
lambda2delta Man page
Lambda2Rsquare Man page
mbes Man page
MBES Man page
mbess Man page
MBESS Man page
mediation Man page
mediation.effect.bar.plot Man page
mediation.effect.plot Man page
mr.cv Man page
mr.smd Man page
power.density.equivalence.md Man page
power.equivalence.md Man page
power.equivalence.md.plot Man page
prof.salary Man page
Rsquare2F Man page
Rsquare2Lambda Man page
Sigma.2.SigmaStar Man page
signal.to.noise.R2 Man page
smd Man page
smd.c Man page
ss.aipe.c Man page
ss.aipe.c.ancova Man page
ss.aipe.c.ancova.sensitivity Man page
ss.aipe.crd.both.fixedbudget Man page
ss.aipe.crd.both.fixedwidth Man page
ss.aipe.crd.es.both.fixedbudget Man page
ss.aipe.crd.es.both.fixedwidth Man page
ss.aipe.crd.es.nclus.fixedbudget Man page
ss.aipe.crd.es.nclus.fixedwidth Man page
ss.aipe.crd.es.nindiv.fixedbudget Man page
ss.aipe.crd.es.nindiv.fixedwidth Man page
ss.aipe.crd.nclus.fixedbudget Man page
ss.aipe.crd.nclus.fixedwidth Man page
ss.aipe.crd.nindiv.fixedbudget Man page
ss.aipe.crd.nindiv.fixedwidth Man page
ss.aipe.cv Man page
ss.aipe.cv.sensitivity Man page
ss.aipe.pcm Man page
ss.aipe.R2 Man page
ss.aipe.R2.sensitivity Man page
ss.aipe.rc Man page
ss.aipe.rc.sensitivity Man page
ss.aipe.reg.coef Man page
ss.aipe.reg.coef.sensitivity Man page
ss.aipe.reliability Man page
ss.aipe.rmsea Man page
ss.aipe.rmsea.sensitivity Man page
ss.aipe.sc Man page
ss.aipe.sc.ancova Man page
ss.aipe.sc.ancova.sensitivity Man page
ss.aipe.sc.sensitivity Man page
ss.aipe.sem.path Man page
ss.aipe.sem.path.sensitiv Man page
ss.aipe.sm Man page
ss.aipe.smd Man page
ss.aipe.smd.full Man page
ss.aipe.smd.lower Man page
ss.aipe.smd.sensitivity Man page
ss.aipe.smd.upper Man page
ss.aipe.sm.sensitivity Man page
ss.aipe.src Man page
ss.aipe.src.sensitivity Man page
ss.power.pcm Man page
ss.power.R2 Man page
ss.power.rc Man page
ss.power.reg.coef Man page
ss.power.sem Man page
s.u Man page
theta.2.Sigma.theta Man page
transform_r.Z Man page
transform_Z.r Man page
upsilon Man page
Variance.R2 Man page
verify.ss.aipe.R2 Man page
vit Man page
vit.fitted Man page


MBESS/R/intr.plot.R MBESS/R/ci.cc.R MBESS/R/widthsscrd.R MBESS/R/transform_r.Z.R MBESS/R/ci.cv.R MBESS/R/ss.power.rc.R MBESS/R/mr.smd.R MBESS/R/mediation.R MBESS/R/power.equivalence.md.R MBESS/R/conf.limits.ncf.R MBESS/R/ss.aipe.sc.R MBESS/R/verify.ss.aipe.R2.R MBESS/R/Sigma.2.SigmaStar.R MBESS/R/ci.pvaf.R MBESS/R/ss.aipe.smd.R MBESS/R/F2Rsquare.R MBESS/R/ci.rmsea.R MBESS/R/mediation.effect.plot.R MBESS/R/conf.limits.nct.R MBESS/R/ss.aipe.c.R MBESS/R/cv.R MBESS/R/ci.sm.R MBESS/R/ci.rc.R MBESS/R/ci.srsnr.R MBESS/R/vit.fitted.R MBESS/R/ss.aipe.sem.path.sensitiv.R MBESS/R/ss.aipe.smd.lower.R MBESS/R/power.equivalence.md.plot.R MBESS/R/mediation.effect.bar.plot.R MBESS/R/ci.reliability.R MBESS/R/conf.limits.nc.chisq.R MBESS/R/signal.to.noise.R2.R MBESS/R/ss.aipe.cv.R MBESS/R/ss.aipe.rc.sensitivity.R MBESS/R/s.u.R MBESS/R/ss.aipe.c.ancova.R MBESS/R/ss.aipe.src.R MBESS/R/Lambda2Rsquare.R MBESS/R/ss.power.reg.coef.R MBESS/R/ci.src.R MBESS/R/ss.aipe.sc.ancova.R MBESS/R/ss.aipe.R2.sensitivity.R MBESS/R/ss.aipe.smd.sensitivity.R MBESS/R/ss.aipe.rmsea.sensitivity.R MBESS/R/ss.power.sem.R MBESS/R/ci.R.R MBESS/R/ci.snr.R MBESS/R/ci.c.ancova.R MBESS/R/ss.aipe.reg.coef.sensitivity.R MBESS/R/ss.aipe.smd.upper.R MBESS/R/ci.R2.R MBESS/R/smd.R MBESS/R/ss.aipe.R2.R MBESS/R/ss.aipe.reliability.R MBESS/R/intr.plot.2d.R MBESS/R/ss.aipe.sc.ancova.sensitivity.R MBESS/R/ss.aipe.reg.coef.R MBESS/R/smd.c.R MBESS/R/Rsquare2Lambda.R MBESS/R/ci.smd.c.R MBESS/R/Variance.R2.R MBESS/R/vit.R MBESS/R/upsilon.R MBESS/R/ss.aipe.sc.sensitivity.R MBESS/R/transform_Z.r.R MBESS/R/CFA.1.R MBESS/R/mr.cv.R MBESS/R/ss.aipe.smd.full.R MBESS/R/ancova.random.data.R MBESS/R/ci.reg.coef.R MBESS/R/delta2lambda.R MBESS/R/Expected.R2.R MBESS/R/ss.aipe.c.ancova.sensitivity.R MBESS/R/ss.aipe.rc.R MBESS/R/ci.smd.R MBESS/R/ss.aipe.cv.sensitivity.R MBESS/R/ss.aipe.sem.path.R MBESS/R/ss.aipe.rmsea.R MBESS/R/ss.aipe.sm.R MBESS/R/cor2cov.R MBESS/R/ci.sc.ancova.R MBESS/R/ss.power.R2.R MBESS/R/ss.aipe.src.sensitivity.R MBESS/R/lambda2delta.R MBESS/R/ss.power.pcm.R MBESS/R/power.density.equivalence.md.R MBESS/R/ci.sc.R MBESS/R/ss.aipe.sm.sensitivity.R MBESS/R/ss.aipe.pcm.R MBESS/R/Rsquare2F.R MBESS/R/ci.c.R MBESS/R/covmat.from.cfm.R MBESS/R/theta.2.Sigma.theta.R
MBESS/man/t.and.smd.conversion.Rd MBESS/man/ss.aipe.pcm.Rd MBESS/man/ci.cv.Rd MBESS/man/ssAIPECRD.Rd MBESS/man/smd.Rd MBESS/man/ss.power.R2.Rd MBESS/man/mediation.Rd MBESS/man/ss.aipe.rc.sensitivity.Rd MBESS/man/ci.c.ancova.Rd MBESS/man/cv.Rd MBESS/man/ss.aipe.src.sensitivity.Rd MBESS/man/ss.aipe.smd.sensitivity.Rd MBESS/man/Expected.R2.Rd MBESS/man/ci.rc.Rd MBESS/man/ci.reg.coef.Rd MBESS/man/cor2cov.Rd MBESS/man/intr.plot.Rd MBESS/man/ss.aipe.R2.sensitivity.Rd MBESS/man/ci.smd.c.Rd MBESS/man/smd.c.Rd MBESS/man/ss.aipe.rmsea.sensitivity.Rd MBESS/man/ci.snr.Rd MBESS/man/ci.sc.Rd MBESS/man/ss.power.sem.Rd MBESS/man/Cor.Mat.Lomax.Rd MBESS/man/ci.sc.ancova.Rd MBESS/man/prof.salary.Rd MBESS/man/ci.sm.Rd MBESS/man/ss.aipe.cv.sensitivity.Rd MBESS/man/mr.cv.Rd MBESS/man/Sigma.2.SigmaStar.Rd MBESS/man/ss.power.reg.coef.Rd MBESS/man/ss.aipe.sem.path.Rd MBESS/man/ss.aipe.sc.sensitivity.Rd MBESS/man/ci.cc.Rd MBESS/man/ss.aipe.sc.Rd MBESS/man/ss.aipe.sm.Rd MBESS/man/ss.aipe.sc.ancova.Rd MBESS/man/Cor.Mat.MM.Rd MBESS/man/power.equivalence.md.plot.Rd MBESS/man/ss.aipe.src.Rd MBESS/man/ss.aipe.R2.Rd MBESS/man/ss.aipe.c.ancova.sensitivity.Rd MBESS/man/s.u.Rd MBESS/man/vit.Rd MBESS/man/ci.c.Rd MBESS/man/Variance.R2.Rd MBESS/man/ss.aipe.rc.Rd MBESS/man/power.density.equivalence.md.Rd MBESS/man/intr.plot.2d.Rd MBESS/man/ss.power.rc.Rd MBESS/man/ss.aipe.reliability.Rd MBESS/man/conf.limits.nc.chisq.Rd MBESS/man/transform_r.Z.Rd MBESS/man/CFA.1.Rd MBESS/man/theta.2.Sigma.theta.Rd MBESS/man/ss.aipe.rmsea.Rd MBESS/man/conf.limits.nct.Rd MBESS/man/ss.aipe.c.Rd MBESS/man/vit.fitted.Rd MBESS/man/ci.srsnr.Rd MBESS/man/covmat.from.cfm.Rd MBESS/man/power.equivalence.md.Rd MBESS/man/mediation.effect.plot.Rd MBESS/man/F.and.R2.Noncentral.Conversion.Rd MBESS/man/aipe.smd.Rd MBESS/man/ci.src.Rd MBESS/man/HS.data.Rd MBESS/man/ancova.random.data.Rd MBESS/man/ss.aipe.smd.Rd MBESS/man/ci.R2.Rd MBESS/man/ci.rmsea.Rd MBESS/man/Gardner.LD.Rd MBESS/man/conf.limits.ncf.Rd MBESS/man/upsilon.Rd MBESS/man/ss.aipe.sem.path.sensitiv.Rd MBESS/man/mr.smd.Rd MBESS/man/ss.aipe.c.ancova.Rd MBESS/man/ci.pvaf.Rd MBESS/man/ss.aipe.cv.Rd MBESS/man/ci.reliability.Rd MBESS/man/ci.R.Rd MBESS/man/ss.aipe.sm.sensitivity.Rd MBESS/man/ss.aipe.reg.coef.sensitivity.Rd MBESS/man/transform_Z.r.Rd MBESS/man/ss.aipe.reg.coef.Rd MBESS/man/MBESS-package.Rd MBESS/man/ss.power.pcm.Rd MBESS/man/ci.smd.Rd MBESS/man/signal.to.noise.R2.Rd MBESS/man/mediation.effect.bar.plot.Rd MBESS/man/ssAIPECRDES.Rd MBESS/man/verify.ss.aipe.R2.Rd MBESS/man/ss.aipe.sc.ancova.sensitivity.Rd

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