MCMC.OTU: Bayesian Analysis of Multivariate Counts Data in DNA Metabarcoding and Ecology

Poisson-lognormal generalized linear mixed model analysis of multivariate counts data using MCMC, aiming to infer the changes in relative proportions of individual variables. The package was originally designed for sequence-based analysis of microbial communities ("metabarcoding", variables = operational taxonomic units, OTUs), but can be used for other types of multivariate counts, such as in ecological applications (variables = species). The results are summarized and plotted using 'ggplot2' functions. Includes functions to remove sample and variable outliers and reformat counts into normalized log-transformed values for correlation and principal component/coordinate analysis. Walkthrough and examples:

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AuthorMikhail V. Matz
Date of publication2016-02-12 00:53:04
MaintainerMikhail V. Matz <>

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