Man pages for MCPMod
Design and Analysis of Dose-Finding Studies

betaModBeta model
biomBiometrics Dose Response data
critValCalculate critical value for multiple contrast test
emaxEmax model
exponentialExponential (power) model
fullModCalculate location and scale parameters for candidate set of...
genDFdataSimulate dose-response data
getParsCalculate location and scale parameters
guesstCalculate guesstimates based on prior knowledge
IBSIrritable Bowel Syndrome Dose Response data
linearLinear Model
linlogLinear in log dose Model
logisticLogistic Model
LPSensitivity analysis for misspecification of standardized...
MCPModPerform MCPMod analysis of a data set
MCPMod-internalInternal MCPMod functions
MCPMod-packageDesign and Analysis of Dose-Finding Studies
modelMeansCalculate mean vectors for a given candidate set
mvtnorm.controlControl options for pmvt and qmvt functions
planMMCalculate planning quantities for MCPMod
plot.fullModPlot method for fullMod objects
plot.LPPlot method for LP objects
plot.MCPModPlot MCPMod model fits
plotModelsPlot candidate models
plot.planMMPlotting a planMM object
plot.powerMMPlot method for powerMM objects
powCalcCalculate the power for the multiple contrast test
powerMMCalculate power for different sample sizes
quadraticQuadratic model
sampSizeSample size calculations for MCPMod
sigEmaxSigmoid Emax Model
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