Man pages for MEGENA
Multiscale Clustering of Geometrical Network

calculate.correlationcorrelation calculation
calculate.PFNPFN calculation
compute.PFN.parParallelized PFN computation
datExprToy example data
do.MEGENAMEGENA clustering + MHA
draw_sunburst_wt_fillDraw sunburst plot showing MEGENA module hierarchy.
get.DegreeHubStatisticcalculate module degree statistics based on random...
get.hub.summarysummarize hub information.
get.union.cutScale-thresholding of multiscale modules.
MEGENA.ModuleSummaryMEGENA module summary
MEGENA-packageco-expression network analysis
module_convert_to_tableconversion of module list object to a data.frame table format
output.geneSet.fileoutput gene signatures into .gmt file format
planaritytestBoyer-Myvold Planarity test of a network
plot_moduleModule plotting function.
plot_module_hierarchyPlot module hierarchy
plot_subgraphsubnetwork plotting functionality.
read.geneSet.gmt file reader function
Sample_ExpressionToy example data
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