Man pages for MPAgenomics
Multi-Patient Analysis of Genomic Markers

addChipTypeAdd a new chip type to the existing aroma architecture
addDataAdd a new data-set to the existing aroma architecture
callingObjectCreate the list of parameters for callingProcess function
callingProcessCalling aberrations in segmented copy-number signal.
CNAobjectToCGHcallObjectConvert CNAobject
cnSegCallingProcessSegment a copy-number signal and call the found segments.
createArchitectureCreate aroma architecture and copy files
createEmptyArchitectureCreate aroma architecture
filterSegFilter segments
findPlateauFind the best choice of segmentation parameter.
getCopyNumberSignalExtract copy-number signal from aroma files
getFracBSignalExtract allele B fraction signal from aroma files
getGenotypeCallsExtract genotype calls from aroma files
getListOfFilesGet the contents of a data folder
getSymFracBSignalExtract symmetrized allele B fraction signal from aroma files
HDlarsbivariatelars algorithm for bivariate signal
markerSelectionmarkers selection
MPAgenomics-packageMulti-Patient Analysis of Genomic Markers
segFracBSignalsegmentation function for the allele B fraction
segmentationsegmentation function
segmentationAromasegmentation function
segmentationObjectCreate the list of parameters for segmentation function
SignalNormalizationNormalization process
signalPreProcessNormalization process
symmetrizeFracBsymmetrize an allele B fraction signal
variableSelectionSNPs selection
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