Man pages for MetStaT
Statistical metabolomics tools

ASCA.CalculateASCA method (ANOVA-simultaneous component analysis)
ASCAdataExample data for ASCA.Calculate
ASCA.DoPermutationTestPermutation test for ASCA
ASCAFIndicator matrix for ASCA example.
ASCA.GetPowerSetDetermines the power set of the input set.
ASCA.GetRowRepeatsDetermination of all unique row value combinations
ASCA.GetSummarySummary method for ASCA analyses
ASCA.PlotPlot ASCA results
ASCA.PlotLoadingsLoadings plot for a specific factor/interaction of the ASCA
ASCA.PlotScoresScore plot for a specific factor or interaction of the ASCA
ASCA.PlotScoresPerLevelASCA scores plot with projected data.
ASCAXData matrix for ASCA example
FoM.CalculateCalculate best fitting Figure of Merit using method by Van...
FoMDataExample data for FoM.Calculate
FoM.FitBinnedSampleRepeatErrorsFitting step in Figure of Merit calculation.
FoM.GetIdOrderedMatrixOrder the matrix of samples by their ID
FoM.OrderAndBinIdByMeansBin sample repeats and samples with similar means
MetStaT.ConcatWithStringParsConcatenates an array of strings
MetStaT.ConvertToNumericConverts a matrix of strings to numeric values
MetStaT.ConvertToNumericClassesConvert value-types in an array or matrix (per column) to...
MetStaT.CreateFileFromHeaderMatrixWrites a matrix to file with column names and optionally row...
MetStaT.CreateFileFromHeaderRowMatrixWrites a matrix to file with row and column names, and...
MetStaT.ExportDataToFileExports the results of supplied R expressions as text files...
MetStaT.GetFreqTableTabulates the frequency of all unique values.
MetStaT.GetPcTuplesObtain all possible pairs of principal components out of a...
MetStaT.KillAllDevicesKills all currently active plot windows.
MetStaT.mldivideMatrix left hand division using a copy of the 'pracma'...
MetStaT.mrdivideMatrix right hand division using a copy of the 'pracma'...
MetStaT.PlotToFileSave results of R plotting expressions to files in a zip...
MetStaT.ReadFileToHeaderMatrixReads a data file to a matrix.
MetStaT.RemoveNaColumnsRemoves all columns in a matrix that contain one or more NAs.
MetStaT.ScalePipCentering and scaling function
MetStaT.TrimCustomLimits an input string to a certain length
MetStaT.WriteDataObjectToFileWrite data contained within an R object as character output...
PCA.CalculateAdapted version of R's base Principal Component Analysis...
PCA.PlotLoadingsLoadings plot for the results of PCA.Calculate
PCA.PlotScoresScore plot for the results of PCA.Calculate.
QStat.CalculateGlobal test for metabolic pathway differences between...
QStat.PermutationTestAccompanying permutation test for QStat.Calculate
QStatXData matrix for QStat.Calculate example
QStatYMatrix for QStat.Calculate example
RevNetJacobianExample data for RevNetJacobianMethod
RevNet.JacobianMethodReverse engineering of networks: Penalized Jacobian method
RevNetTimeLaggedExample data for RevNetTimeLaggedMethod
RevNet.TimeLaggedMethodReverse engineering of networks: Time-lagged correlation...
RevNetZeroSlopesExample data for RevNetZeroSlopesMethod
RevNet.ZeroSlopesMethodReverse engineering of networks: zero slopes method
SteadyStateExample data for RevNetJacobianMethod
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