FoM.GetIdOrderedMatrix: Order the matrix of samples by their ID

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Finds the sample rows in the matrix 'data' that contain repeats of the same sample on the basis of the identifying columns, and assigns a new single unique ID to each of these rows. Also orders the matrix on the basis of these newly assigned IDs.


FoM.GetIdOrderedMatrix(data, = 1, cols.values = -1)



the matrix which contains both the sample data and the identification information per sample.

which columns contain the identity information per sample.


which columns contain the relevant metabolomics sampling data.


A list is returned containing the following values:


A list that contains both the combinations of ID values found in the ID columns which are unique (row.patterns) and, for each of these combinations, a list with the row indices (indices.per.pattern) belonging to that unique ID combination.


A subset of the input data matrix which excludes all the identification columns ( and only contains columns defined by the argument cols.values.

Each sample can constitute of multiple repeats. This matrix contains the mean per sample over all of its repeats per value column requested.


Tim Dorscheidt

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