Man pages for MolgenisArmadillo
Armadillo Client for the Armadillo Service

armadillo.copy_resourceCopy resource
armadillo.copy_tableCopy table
armadillo.create_projectCreate a project for a variable collection
armadillo.delete_projectDelete project
armadillo.delete_resourceDelete resource
armadillo.delete_tableDelete table
armadillo.get_projects_infoGets the Projects information
armadillo.get_project_usersGets the users of an given project name
armadillo.get_tokenGet ID Token
armadillo.install_packagesInstall package
armadillo.list_projectsList the projects
armadillo.list_resourcesList the resources in a project
armadillo.list_tablesList the tables in a project
armadillo.load_resourceLoad a resource from a project
armadillo.load_tableLoad a table from a project
armadillo.login_basicLogin with username / password (meant for dev and test...
armadillo.move_resourceMove the resource
armadillo.move_tableMove the table
armadillo.subsetDescribes data available to subset and makes subset
armadillo.subset_definitionBuilds an R object containing info required to make subsets
armadillo.upload_resourceUploads a resource to a folder in a project
armadillo.upload_tableUploads a table to a folder in a project
dot-compress_resourceHelper function for compressing to an RDS file
dot-compress_tableHelper function for compressing to a parquet file
dot-load_resourceHelper function to extract an RDS file
dot-load_tableHelper function to extract a parquet file
MolgenisArmadillo-packageMolgenisArmadillo: Armadillo Client for the Armadillo Service
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