OneArmPhaseTwoStudy: Planing, Monitoring and Evaluating Oncological Phase 2 Studies

Purpose of this package is it to plan, monitor and evaluate oncological phase II studies. In general this kind of studies are single-arm trials with planned interim analysis and binary endpoint. To meet the resulting requirements, the package provides functions to calculate and evaluate 'Simon's two-stage designs' and 'so-called' 'subset designs'. If you are unfamiliar with this package a good starting point is to take a closer look at the functions getSolutions() and getSolutionsSub1().The web-based tool ( extends the functionality of our R package by means of a proper dealing with over- and underrunning. The R function binom.test of the 'stats' R package and the package 'binom' might be helpful to assess the performance of the corresponding one-stage design as a reference.

AuthorMarius Wirths
Date of publication2016-05-23 11:28:04
MaintainerMarius Wirths <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

getCE: Calculates the conditional error.

get_CI: Calculates the confidence interval.

get_conditionalPower: Calculates the conditional power.

get_confidence_set: Calculates the confidence set.

getCP: Calculates the conditional power.

getCP_simon: Returns the conditional power.

getD_distributeToOne: Get the conditional errors.

getD_equally: Get the conditional errors equally.

getD_none: Get the conditional errors.

getD_proportionally: Get the conditional errors proportionally.

getN2: Calculates the number of patients which should be enrolled in...

getP: Calculates the p-value (binomial test).

get_p_exact_subset: Calculates the exact p value.

get_p_KC: Calculates the p-value.

get_r2_flex: Calculates the number of responses needed for the second...

getSolutions: Returns designs for a given "simon"-object (see 'setupSimon')

getSolutionsSub1: Calculates designs for a given "sub1"-object.

get_UMVUE_GMS: Calculates the "uniformly minimal variance unbiased...

get_UMVUE_GMS_subset_second_only: Calculates the "uniformly minimal variance unbiased...

get_UMVUE_GMS_subset_second_total: Calculates the "uniformly minimal variance unbiased...

plot_confidence_set: Plots the "confidence set" according to the observed...

plot_simon_study_state: Plots the study state of a given Simon's two-stage design.

plot_sub1_study_state: Plots the study state of a given subset design.

setSimonParams: Sets the parameters for a given "simon"-object.

setSub1Params: Sets the parameters for a given "sub1"-object.

setupSimon: Creates a "simon"-object.

setupSub1Design: Creates a "sub1"-object.

simon_module: Functions and Objects created by Rcpp for the "Simon's...

sub1_module: Functions and Objects created by Rcpp for the "subset design"

toDataframe: Helper function for 'getSolutions' and 'getSolutionsSub1'.


getCE Man page
get_CI Man page
get_conditionalPower Man page
get_confidence_set Man page
getCP Man page
getCP_simon Man page
getD_distributeToOne Man page
getD_equally Man page
getD_none Man page
getD_proportionally Man page
getN2 Man page
getP Man page
get_p_exact_subset Man page
get_p_KC Man page
get_r2_flex Man page
getSolutions Man page
getSolutionsSub1 Man page
get_UMVUE_GMS Man page
get_UMVUE_GMS_subset_second_only Man page
get_UMVUE_GMS_subset_second_total Man page
plot_confidence_set Man page
plot_simon_study_state Man page
plot_sub1_study_state Man page
Rcpp_SimonDesign-class Man page
Rcpp_Sub1Design-class Man page
setSimonParams Man page
setSub1Params Man page
setupSimon Man page
setupSub1Design Man page
SimonDesign Man page
Sub1Design Man page
toDataframe Man page


OneArmPhaseTwoStudy/man/getSolutionsSub1.Rd OneArmPhaseTwoStudy/man/getP.Rd OneArmPhaseTwoStudy/man/simon_module.Rd OneArmPhaseTwoStudy/man/get_p_exact_subset.Rd OneArmPhaseTwoStudy/man/get_UMVUE_GMS_subset_second_only.Rd OneArmPhaseTwoStudy/man/get_confidence_set.Rd OneArmPhaseTwoStudy/man/plot_simon_study_state.Rd OneArmPhaseTwoStudy/man/getD_none.Rd OneArmPhaseTwoStudy/man/get_conditionalPower.Rd OneArmPhaseTwoStudy/man/get_UMVUE_GMS.Rd OneArmPhaseTwoStudy/man/sub1_module.Rd OneArmPhaseTwoStudy/man/get_r2_flex.Rd OneArmPhaseTwoStudy/man/getCP_simon.Rd OneArmPhaseTwoStudy/man/getSolutions.Rd OneArmPhaseTwoStudy/man/setupSimon.Rd OneArmPhaseTwoStudy/man/plot_sub1_study_state.Rd OneArmPhaseTwoStudy/man/getCE.Rd OneArmPhaseTwoStudy/man/get_UMVUE_GMS_subset_second_total.Rd OneArmPhaseTwoStudy/man/getN2.Rd OneArmPhaseTwoStudy/man/get_p_KC.Rd OneArmPhaseTwoStudy/man/getD_distributeToOne.Rd OneArmPhaseTwoStudy/man/setSub1Params.Rd OneArmPhaseTwoStudy/man/getD_equally.Rd OneArmPhaseTwoStudy/man/getD_proportionally.Rd OneArmPhaseTwoStudy/man/toDataframe.Rd OneArmPhaseTwoStudy/man/setSimonParams.Rd OneArmPhaseTwoStudy/man/setupSub1Design.Rd OneArmPhaseTwoStudy/man/getCP.Rd OneArmPhaseTwoStudy/man/plot_confidence_set.Rd OneArmPhaseTwoStudy/man/get_CI.Rd

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