Man pages for OneArmPhaseTwoStudy
Planning, Conducting, and Analysing Single-Arm Phase II Studies

getCECalculates the conditional error.
get_CICalculates the confidence interval.
get_conditionalPowerCalculates the conditional power.
get_confidence_setCalculates the confidence set.
getCPCalculates the conditional power.
getCP_simonReturns the conditional power.
getD_distributeToOneGet the conditional errors.
getD_equallyGet the conditional errors equally.
getD_noneGet the conditional errors.
getD_proportionallyGet the conditional errors proportionally.
getN2Calculates the number of patients which should be enrolled in...
getPCalculates the p-value (binomial test).
get_p_exact_subsetCalculates the exact p value.
get_p_KCCalculates the p-value.
get_r2_flexCalculates the number of responses needed for the second...
getSolutionsReturns designs for a given "simon"-object (see 'setupSimon')
getSolutionsSub1Calculates designs for a given "sub1"-object.
get_UMVUE_GMSCalculates the "uniformly minimal variance unbiased...
get_UMVUE_GMS_subset_second_onlyCalculates the "uniformly minimal variance unbiased...
get_UMVUE_GMS_subset_second_totalCalculates the "uniformly minimal variance unbiased...
plot_confidence_setPlots the "confidence set" according to the observed...
plot_simon_study_statePlots the study state of a given Simon's two-stage design.
plot_sub1_study_statePlots the study state of a given subset design.
setSimonParamsSets the parameters for a given "simon"-object.
setSub1ParamsSets the parameters for a given "sub1"-object.
setupSimonCreates a "simon"-object.
setupSub1DesignCreates a "sub1"-object.
simon_moduleFunctions and Objects created by Rcpp for the "Simon's...
sub1_moduleFunctions and Objects created by Rcpp for the "subset design"
toDataframeHelper function for 'getSolutions' and 'getSolutionsSub1'.
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