Man pages for PAWL
Implementation of the PAWL algorithm

adaptiveMHAdaptive Metropolis-Hastings
binningClass '"binning"'
ConvertResultsConvert Results
createAdaptiveRandomWalkProposalAdaptive Random Walk proposal distribution for MCMC...
createMixtureTargetMixture target distribution
createTrimodalTargetTrimodal target distribution
getFrequenciesObserved Frequencies in each bin.
icefloeImage of ice floes
normalizeNormalize weights
pawlParallel Adaptive Wang-Landau
PlotAllVarTrace plot of all the variables
PlotComp1vsComp2Plot one component versus another in a scatter plot
PlotDensComp1vsComp2Plot one component versus another in a density plot
PlotFHPlot of the Flat Histogram occurrences
PlotHistPlot a histogram of one component of the chains
PlotHistBinPlot a histogram of the binning coordinate
PlotLogThetaPlot of the log theta penalties
PlotNbinsPlot of the increase of the number of bins along the...
pollutionPollution Data
preexplorationAMHPre exploration Adapative Metropolis-Hastings
proposalClass '"proposal"'
smcSequential Monte Carlo
smcparametersSMC Tuning Parameters
targetClass: target distribution
tuningparametersMCMC Tuning Parameters
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