createTrimodalTarget: Trimodal target distribution

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Create the trimodal distribution as in Liang, Liu and Caroll, 2007: Stochastic approximation in Monte Carlo computation.




This distribution is a mixture of three bivariate Gaussian distributions. Their covariance matrices are such that an adaptive MCMC algorithm which proposal variance adapts to one of the component, will likely fail to explore the others.


The function returns an object of class target, with a name, a dimension, a function giving the log density, a function to generate sample from the distribution, parameters of the distribution, and a function to draw init points for the MCMC algorithms.


Luke Bornn <[email protected]>, Pierre E. Jacob <[email protected]>


Liang, Liu and Caroll: Stochastic approximation in Monte Carlo computation. Published in JASA, 2007.

See Also

target, createMixtureTarget

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