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Implements the Parallel Adaptive Wang-Landau algorithm.


    pawl(target, binning, AP, proposal, verbose)



Object of class target: specifies the target distribution. See the help of target. If the target is discrete, target must contain the slots dproposal, rproposal and proposalparam that specify the proposal kernel in the Metropolis-Hastings step. Otherwise the default is an adaptive gaussian random walk.


Object of class binning, defining the initial bins used by the Wang-Landau algorithm. The binning object also contains some parameters specifying if the automatic binning mechanism is active or not, for instance.


Object of class tuningparameters: specifies the number of chains, the number of iterations, and what should be stored during along the run. See the help of tuningparameters.


Object of class proposal: specifies the proposal distribution to be used to propose new values and to compute the acceptance rate. See the help of proposal. If this is not specified and the target is continuous, then the default is an adaptive gaussian random walk.


Object of class "logical": if TRUE (default) then prints some indication of progress in the console.


The function returns a list holding various information:


The last point of each chain.


The vector of acceptance rates at each step.


The vector of the standard deviations used by the MH kernel along the iterations. If the proposal was adaptive, this allows to check how the adaptation behaved.


If asked in the tuning parameters, the chain history.


If asked in the tuning parameters, the associated log density evaluations.


If asked in the tuning parameters, the mean (component-wise) of each chain.


If asked in the tuning parameters, all the log theta penalties.

and other quantities, that you can browse by calling "names(results)" where "results" is the output of the function.


Luke Bornn <>, Pierre E. Jacob <>

See Also

adaptiveMH, binning

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