RunHarmonyLouvain: Embedding alignment and clustering based on the embeddings...

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RunHarmonyLouvainR Documentation

Embedding alignment and clustering based on the embeddings from FAST


Embedding alignment and clustering using the Harmony and Louvain based on the ebmeddings from FAST as well as determining the number of clusters.


RunHarmonyLouvain(PRECASTObj, resolution = 0.5)



a PRECASTObj object created by CreatePRECASTObject.


an optional real, the value of the resolution parameter, use a value above (below) 1.0 if you want to obtain a larger (smaller) number of communities.


Return a revised PRECASTObj object with slot PRECASTObj@resList added by a Harmony compoonent (including the aligned embeddings and embeddings of batch effects) and a Louvain component (including the clusters).

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