Defines functions db.reader

Documented in db.reader

#' @describeIn preinstalled.readers Read a SQlite3 database with a \code{.db} file extension.
#' If you want to specify a single table or query to execute against the database,
#' move it elsewhere and use a .sql file interpreted by \code{\link{sql.reader}}.
db.reader <- function(data.file, filename, variable.name)

  sqlite.driver <- DBI::dbDriver("SQLite")
  connection <- DBI::dbConnect(sqlite.driver,
                          dbname = filename)
  on.exit(try(DBI::dbDisconnect(connection), silent = TRUE), add = TRUE)

  tables <- DBI::dbListTables(connection)
  for (table in tables)
    message(paste('  Loading table:', table))

    data.parcel <- DBI::dbReadTable(connection,
                               row.names = NULL)

           envir = .TargetEnv)

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