Defines functions tsv.reader

Documented in tsv.reader

#' @describeIn preinstalled.readers Read a tab separated values file with the \code{.tsv} or \code{.tab} file extensions.
#' @importFrom utils read.csv
#' @importFrom utils unzip
tsv.reader <- function(data.file, filename, variable.name)
  if (grepl('\\.zip$', filename))
    tmp.dir <- tempdir()
    tmp.path <- file.path(tmp.dir, data.file)
    file.copy(filename, tmp.path)
    unzip(filename, exdir = tmp.dir)
    filename <- file.path(tmp.dir, sub('\\.zip$', '', data.file))

                  header = config$data_loading_header,
                  sep = '\t'),
         envir = .TargetEnv)

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