Man pages for RJSplot
Interactive Graphs with R

barplot_rjsProduce interactive bar plot(s).
boxplot_rjsProduce interactive box-and-whisker plot(s).
bubbles_rjsProduce interactive bubble plots.
circularfv_rjsPruduce a circular sequence viewer.
createAssemblyCreates a genome assembly for 'genomemap_rjs' or...
dendrogram_rjsDraw a Dendrogram.
densityplot_rjsDraw an interactive density plot.
genomemap_rjsCreate an interative genome map.
getAssemblyFromFastaCreate an assembly from a FASTA file for its use as parameter...
GRCh37Length of human chromosomes based on GRCh37 assembly
GRCh37.bandsCytoband information based on GRCh37
GRCh38Length of human chromosomes based on GRCh38 assembly
GRCh38.bandsCytoband information based on GRCh38
heatmap_rjsProduce an interactive heatmap.
hiveplot_rjsProduce interactive hive plot
manhattan_rjsCreate an interactive manhattan plot
NCBI36Length of human chromosomes based on NCBI36 assembly
network_rjsProduce interactive network graph
newInputProduce a 'newInput' object for 'R4web'.
piechart_rjsProduce interactive pie charts.
R4webGenerate a PHP website which runs an R function.
report_rjsCreate a report web page.
RJSplotInteractive graphs with R
scatter3d_rjsProduce and interactive 3D Scatter plot (XYZ plot).
scatterplot_rjsProduce and interactive Scatter plot (XY plot).
surface3d_rjsProduce and interactive 3D surface.
symheatmap_rjsCreates a Symetric Heatmap representation.
tables_rjsProduce interactive html tables.
wordcloud_rjsDraw a wordcloud.
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