compute.weights: Compute/create matrix with genotype weights

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Compute/create matrix with genotype weights





matrix of genotypes (genetic variants as columns, individuals as rows) as output by the Get.G function.


optional numeric vector of genotype weights. If this option is not specified, the beta distribution is used for weighting the variants, with each weight given by w_i = dbeta(f_i, 1, 25)^2, with f_i the minor allele frequency (MAF) of variant i. This default is the same as used by the SKAT package. This vector is used as the diagonal of the m \times m matrix W, with m the number of variants.


If the weights parameter (a numeric vector) is given, this function will return a matrix with that vector as the diagonal. If the weights parameter is not given (equal to NULL) the genotype weights will be calculated using the beta distribution (see the explanation of the weights parameter).


Matrix with genotype weights.


Karim Oualkacha, Lennart C. Karssen

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