RcmdrPlugin.DoE: R Commander Plugin for (industrial) Design of Experiments

The package provides a platform-independent GUI for design of experiments. It is implemented as a plugin to the R-Commander, which is a more general graphical user interface for statistics in R based on tcl/tk. DoE functionality can be accessed through the menu Design that is added to the R-Commander menus.

Install the latest version of this package by entering the following in R:
AuthorUlrike Groemping [aut, cre], Fox John [ctb]
Date of publication2014-08-28 19:56:17
MaintainerUlrike Groemping <groemping@beuth-hochschule.de>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

DoEGlossary: Glossary for DoE terminology as used in RcmdrPlugin.DoE

fix.design: Functions to preserve class design when editing a design and...

Menu.2level: 2-level factorial designs

Menu.addcenter: Adding center points to a 2-level design

Menu.addresponse: Adding (a) response(s) to an existing design

Menu.Analyze: Analyze experimental designs

Menu.augmentlhs: Menu for augmenting an existing latin hypercube sample

Menu.BsMDPlot: Help on using the menu for 2-level Bayesian Screening...

Menu.ccd: Menu for generating central composite designs for...

Menu.changecontr: Help on using the menu for changing contrasts

Menu.colremove: Help on using the menu for deleting columns

Menu.contour: Contour plots for linear models with quantitative regressors

Menu.display: Using display design menu

Menu.Dopt: Menu for generating D-optimal designs

Menu.EffectsPlots: Help on using the menu for (half) normal effects plots

Menu.ExpImp: Exporting and importing Designs

Menu.exportTab: Using the export menu

Menu.fac: Menu for generating full factorial designs

Menu.FacDetails2Tab: How to use the factor details tab for 2-level and...

Menu.FacDetailsGenTab: How to use the factor details tab for general designs

Menu.facTab1: Basic information for full factorial designs

Menu.FrF2level: Menu for generating regular fractional factorial 2-level...

Menu.FrF2levelTab1: Basic information for regular (fractional) factorial 2-level...

Menu.FrF2levelTabEstimable: Estimable 2fis for regular (fractional) factorial 2-level...

Menu.General: General factorial designs

Menu.IAPlot: Help on using the menu for 2-level main effects and...

Menu.import: Using the import menu

Menu.importrdacsv: Re-importing an exported design with the R-Commander

Menu.lhs: Menu for generating latin hypercube samples for quantitative...

Menu.lhsTab1: Basic information for latin hypercube samples

Menu.linearModelDesign: RcmdrPlugin.DoE Linear Model Dialog for experimental data

Menu.loadcatlg: Using the menu for loading catalogues

Menu.mExport: Using the export menu

Menu.mImport: Using the import menu

Menu.model: Using the linear model menu

Menu.Modify: Modifying designs

Menu.oa: Menu for generating orthogonal main effects designs

Menu.oaTab1: Basic information for orthogonal main effects designs

Menu.Optimal: Optimal designs

Menu.param: Help on using the menu for Taguchi inner-outer array designs

Menu.pb2level: Menu for generating non-regular fractional factorial 2-level...

Menu.pb2levelTab1: Basic information for 2-level screening designs

Menu.pickcube: Pick the cube portion from a central composite design

Menu.plot: Help on using the menu for plotting selected factors

Menu.QuantDesignAnalyze: Analyze designs for quantitative factors

Menu.Quantitative: Designs specifically tailored to quantitative factors

Menu.responses: Help on using the menu for response selection

Menu.rsm: RcmdrPlugin.DoE response surface model Dialog for...

Menu.rsmmodel: Using the response surface model menu

Menus: Help on using R-Commander menus

Menu.steepest: Using the steepest slope menu

Menu.summarize: Using the summarize menu

Menu.tab: Help on using the menu for tabulating selected factors

PlotMeansDoE.menu: Menu for main effects and interaction plots for general...

RcmdrPlugin.DoE-package: R-Commander plugin package that implements design of...

RcmdrPlugin.DoEUndocumentedFunctions: Functions used in menus


activeDataSetDesign2P Man page
activeDataSetDesign2Pnoccd Man page
activeDataSetDesign2PResp Man page
activeDataSetDesign2Pwoc Man page
activeDataSetDesignccd Man page
activeDataSetDesignlhs Man page
activeDataSetDesignLongToWide Man page
activeDataSetDesignP Man page
activeDataSetDesignparam Man page
activeDataSetDesignparamlong Man page
activeDataSetDesignPResp Man page
activeDataSetDesignQualP Man page
activeDataSetDesignRemovableP Man page
activeDataSetDesignWide Man page
activeModelLM Man page
activeModelRSM Man page
checkWarnings Man page
dc Man page
design.info.design Man page
displayblock Man page
displayCentralCompositeDesigns Man page
display.design Man page
display.design.std.order Man page
displayGlossary Man page
displaysplitplot Man page
DoEGlossary Man page
exist2Designs Man page
existcatlgPkgs Man page
existDesign2 Man page
existDesign2FrF Man page
existDesign2pb Man page
existDesigns Man page
existDesignsWithResp Man page
existRSMs Man page
fix Man page
fix.default Man page
fix.design Man page
fpairsc Man page
help2level Man page
helpabout Man page
helpAnalyze Man page
helpDopt Man page
helpExpImp Man page
helpExport Man page
helpgeneral Man page
helpGeneralAnalyze Man page
helpImport Man page
helpInspect Man page
helpMenus Man page
helpModify Man page
helpquant Man page
helpQuantDesignAnalyze Man page
HowToReImport Man page
initializeDialogDoE Man page
isDesign2FrF Man page
isDesign2pb Man page
justDoItDoE Man page
listCatlgs Man page
listDesigns Man page
listDesigns2 Man page
listDesignsWithResp Man page
listLists Man page
listObjects Man page
listRSMs Man page
loadworkspace Man page
Menu.2level Man page
Menu.addcenter Man page
Menu.addresponse Man page
Menu.aggregate Man page
Menu.Analyze Man page
Menu.augmentlhs Man page
Menu.BsMDPlot Man page
Menu.cand Man page
Menu.ccd Man page
Menu.changecontr Man page
Menu.colremove Man page
Menu.contour Man page
Menu.display Man page
Menu.Dopt Man page
Menu.EffectPlots Man page
Menu.EffectsPlots Man page
Menu.ExpImp Man page
Menu.export Man page
Menu.exportTab Man page
Menu.fac Man page
Menu.FacDetails2Tab Man page
Menu.FacDetailsGenTab Man page
Menu.facTab1 Man page
Menu.FrF2level Man page
Menu.FrF2levelTab1 Man page
Menu.FrF2levelTabEstimable Man page
Menu.General Man page
Menu.IAPlot Man page
Menu.import Man page
Menu.importrdacsv Man page
Menu.lhs Man page
Menu.lhsTab1 Man page
Menu.linearModelDesign Man page
Menu.loadcatlg Man page
Menu.mExport Man page
Menu.mImport Man page
Menu.model Man page
Menu.Modify Man page
Menu.oa Man page
Menu.oaTab1 Man page
Menu.Optimal Man page
Menu.param Man page
Menu.pb2level Man page
Menu.pb2levelTab1 Man page
Menu.pickcube Man page
Menu.plot Man page
Menu.PlotMeansDoE Man page
Menu.QuantDesignAnalyze Man page
Menu.Quantitative Man page
Menu.responses Man page
Menu.rsm Man page
Menu.rsmmodel Man page
Menus Man page
Menu.steepest Man page
Menu.summarize Man page
Menu.tab Man page
Menu.wide Man page
modelFormulaDoE Man page
onHelpSyntax Man page
PlotMeansDoE.menu Man page
RcmdrPlugin.DoE Man page
RcmdrPlugin.DoE-package Man page
RcmdrPlugin.DoEUndocumentedFunctions Man page
rsmFormula Man page
showData Man page
showData.default Man page
showData.design Man page
subsetBoxDoE Man page
summarize.design Man page
textcorrect Man page
textentry Man page


R/dc.R R/Menu.EffectPlots.R R/textentry.R R/Menu.loadcatlg.R R/Menu.FrF2level.R R/aaa.R R/Menu.wide.R R/subsetBoxDoE.R R/fpairsc.R R/Menu.export.R R/fix.design.R R/loadworkspace.R R/modelFormulaDoE.R R/Menu.addresponse.R R/Menu.importrda.R R/Menu.pb2level.R R/Menu.responses.R R/design.info.design.R R/Menu.Dopt.r R/initializeDialogDoE.R R/Menu.addcenter.R R/justDoItDoE.R R/Menu.tab.R R/menushelp.R R/menu.defaults.R R/Menu.IAPlot.R R/Menu.summarize.R R/Menu.bbd.r R/Menu.aggregate.R R/display.design.std.order.R R/Menu.import.R R/checkWarnings.R R/Menu.plot.R R/showData.R R/Menu.linearModelDesign.R R/Menu.display.R R/rsmFormula.R R/Menu.lhs.R R/Menu.importrdacsv.R R/Menu.augmentlhs.R R/Menu.ccd.r R/Menu.oa.R R/listObjects.R R/fix.R R/Menu.fac.R R/display.design.R R/Menu.PlotMeansDoE.R R/Menu.changecontr.R R/Menu.rsm.R R/summarize.design.R R/Menu.colremove.R R/Menu.rsmmodel.R R/Menu.model.R R/Menu.cand.r R/Menu.param.R R/checkers.R R/Menu.steepest.R R/Menu.pickcube.r R/fix.default.R R/Menu.contour.R
man/Menu.changecontr.Rd man/Menu.display.Rd man/Menu.FacDetailsGenTab.Rd man/Menu.fac.Rd man/fix.design.Rd man/Menu.linearModelDesign.Rd man/Menu.BsMDPlot.Rd man/Menu.Dopt.Rd man/Menu.General.Rd man/Menu.addcenter.Rd man/Menu.ccd.Rd
man/Menu.contour.Rd man/Menu.pickcube.Rd man/Menu.responses.Rd man/Menus.Rd man/Menu.Analyze.Rd man/Menu.loadcatlg.Rd man/Menu.oaTab1.Rd man/RcmdrPlugin.DoEUndocumentedFunctions.Rd man/Menu.exportTab.Rd man/Menu.mExport.Rd man/Menu.lhsTab1.Rd man/Menu.FrF2levelTab1.Rd man/Menu.pb2level.Rd man/Menu.tab.Rd man/Menu.EffectsPlots.Rd man/Menu.import.Rd man/Menu.FrF2level.Rd man/Menu.FacDetails2Tab.Rd man/Menu.summarize.Rd man/Menu.ExpImp.Rd man/Menu.steepest.Rd man/Menu.addresponse.Rd man/Menu.importrdacsv.Rd man/Menu.rsmmodel.Rd man/Menu.lhs.Rd man/Menu.mImport.Rd man/RcmdrPlugin.DoE-package.Rd
man/Menu.param.Rd man/Menu.model.Rd man/DoEGlossary.Rd man/Menu.Quantitative.Rd man/PlotMeansDoE.menu.Rd man/Menu.oa.Rd man/Menu.facTab1.Rd man/Menu.Modify.Rd man/Menu.rsm.Rd man/Menu.Optimal.Rd man/Menu.QuantDesignAnalyze.Rd
man/Menu.plot.Rd man/Menu.FrF2levelTabEstimable.Rd man/Menu.2level.Rd man/Menu.augmentlhs.Rd man/Menu.IAPlot.Rd man/Menu.pb2levelTab1.Rd

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