Menu.addresponse: Adding (a) response(s) to an existing design

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This help file describes how to use the menu for adding (a) response(s).


Select a design (default: active design) and decide, whether existing response data are to be replaced (useful e.g. if existing response contains missing values that are to be overwritten).

Decide whether response data are already in R or are available from a csv file. In the latter case, changing the working directory is possible (but not necessary).

If the response data are already in R or are to be calculated, fill in the appropriate information in the entry field for the response (for playing with random data, this could e.g. be rnorm(8)). Otherwise, select a csv file and choose the correct decimal setting. The chosen decimal setting will become the default also for other menus that require a decimal setting.

Finally, provide a valid file name for the modified design.

NOTE: If the response data are not in a csv file, they can be imported from all kinds of other file formats using from R commanders data management menu. The menu Design offers the sub menu Modify Designs with the Add responses menu item for this purpose.

WARNING: Package RcmdrPlugin.DoE has been subjected to some testing, but must still be considered a beta version. Especially for data handling routines like adding responses, importing csv files and the like, it is strongly recommended to always keep a master copy of your valuable experimental data safely stored without touching it. (This would even hold for a final version of the any software, but is of course far more important for a beta version.


Ulrike Groemping

See Also

See also function add.response for the function that does the work

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