Menu.importrdacsv: Re-importing an exported design with the R-Commander

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This help file describes how to re-import an exported design that exists as an rda and a csv file, when using the R-Commander.


A design has usually been exported in order to input the response data outside of R. This is also the recommended strategy.

The re-importing supports the addition of responses that are available in a csv file to the class design data frame in the saved rda file. Usage of this menu also works, if the design is already present in the R workspace. In this case, it is not necessary to first load an rda file.

Simply provide a valid file name for the combined design,
for convenience, change the working directory,
select the rda file,
if necessary, select the correct design from the drop-down,
select the csv file,
adjust the decimal separator to the one used in the csv file,
and press OK.

NOTE: If the response data are not in a csv file, they can be imported from all kinds of other file formats using from R commanders data management menu. The menu Design offers the sub menu Modify Designs with the Add responses menu item for this purpose.


Ulrike Groemping

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See also function add.response for the function that does the work

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