Man pages for RcmdrPlugin.DoE
R Commander Plugin for (industrial) Design of Experiments

DoEGlossaryGlossary for DoE terminology as used in RcmdrPlugin.DoE
fix.designFunctions to preserve class design when editing a design and...
Menu.2level2-level factorial designs
Menu.addcenterAdding center points to a 2-level design
Menu.addresponseAdding (a) response(s) to an existing design
Menu.AnalyzeAnalyze experimental designs
Menu.augmentlhsMenu for augmenting an existing latin hypercube sample
Menu.bbdMenu for generating Box-Behnken designs for quantitative...
Menu.bbdTab1Basic information for Box-Behnken designs
Menu.BsMDPlotHelp on using the menu for 2-level Bayesian Screening...
Menu.ccdMenu for generating central composite designs for...
Menu.ccdTab1Basic information for Central Composite Designs
Menu.changecontrHelp on using the menu for changing contrasts
Menu.colremoveHelp on using the menu for deleting columns
Menu.contourContour plots for linear models with quantitative regressors
Menu.displayUsing display design menu
Menu.DoptMenu for generating D-optimal designs
Menu.DoptTab1Basic information for creation of D-optimal Designs
Menu.EffectsPlotsHelp on using the menu for (half) normal effects plots
Menu.ExpImpExporting and importing Designs
Menu.exportTabUsing the export menu
Menu.facMenu for generating full factorial designs
Menu.FacDetails2TabHow to use the factor details tab for 2-level and...
Menu.FacDetailsGenTabHow to use the factor details tab for general designs
Menu.facTab1Basic information for full factorial designs
Menu.FrF2levelMenu for generating regular fractional factorial 2-level...
Menu.FrF2levelTab1Basic information for regular (fractional) factorial 2-level...
Menu.FrF2levelTabEstimableEstimable 2fis for regular (fractional) factorial 2-level...
Menu.GeneralGeneral factorial designs
Menu.IAPlotHelp on using the menu for 2-level main effects and...
Menu.importUsing the import menu
Menu.importrdacsvRe-importing an exported design with the R-Commander
Menu.InspectInspecting the active design
Menu.lhsMenu for generating latin hypercube samples for quantitative...
Menu.lhsTab1Basic information for latin hypercube samples
Menu.linearModelDesignRcmdrPlugin.DoE Linear Model Dialog for experimental data
Menu.loadcatlgUsing the menu for loading catalogues
Menu.mExportUsing the export menu
Menu.mImportUsing the import menu
Menu.modelUsing the linear model menu
Menu.ModifyModifying designs
Menu.oaMenu for generating orthogonal main effects designs
Menu.oaTab1Basic information for orthogonal main effects designs
Menu.OptimalOptimal designs
Menu.paramHelp on using the menu for Taguchi inner-outer array designs
Menu.pb2levelMenu for generating non-regular fractional factorial 2-level...
Menu.pb2levelTab1Basic information for 2-level screening designs
Menu.pickcubePick the cube portion from a central composite design
Menu.plotHelp on using the menu for plotting selected factors
Menu.QuantDesignAnalyzeAnalyze designs for quantitative factors
Menu.QuantitativeDesigns specifically tailored to quantitative factors
Menu.responsesHelp on using the menu for response selection
Menu.rsmRcmdrPlugin.DoE response surface model Dialog for...
Menu.rsmmodelUsing the response surface model menu
MenusHelp on using R-Commander menus
Menu.steepestUsing the steepest slope menu
Menu.summarizeUsing the summarize menu
Menu.tabHelp on using the menu for tabulating selected factors
PlotMeansDoE.menuMenu for main effects and interaction plots for general...
RcmdrPlugin.DoE-packageR-Commander plugin package that implements design of...
RcmdrPlugin.DoEUndocumentedFunctionsFunctions used in menus
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