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The menu for main effects and interaction plots for general factorial designs allows to plot individual main effects plots (one factor selected) or interaction plots (two factors selected).


The menu calls the RcmdrMisc function plotMeans for creating simple main effects or interaction plots for factorial designs. It is available whenever the active data frame is an experimental design with at least one response that has at least one factor (not a quantitative variable but a factor with categories).

Arithmetic means for any numeric variable can be plotted separately for the levels of one factor (main effects plot) or the level combinations of two factors (interaction plot). An interaction plot created by the menu always makes the factor with fewer levels the legend factor. (This can only be changed by modifying the command in command line programming.)

For designs with two-level factors only, the analogous menu for 2-level factors can do several plots at once.


Ulrike Groemping

See Also

See also plotMeans for the underlying function

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