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This dialog is used to specify a response surface model to be fit by the rsm function.


Menu.rsm(response = NULL, factor.names = NULL)



response to apply the response surface model to


character vector of factor names to apply the response surface model to


The LHS model-formula box specifies the response variable to be used in the model; it may be a variable name or an expression evaluating to the response variable, such as log(income).

The RHS model-formula box specifies the right-hand (i.e., predictor) side of the model. If you are interested in the details, see rsm. The formula consists of first order (FO), quadratic (PQ) and interaction (TWI) terms. Individual variables can be omitted from the formula or re-entered by editing the dialog. It is also possible but usually not necessary to enter extra variables. An existing blocking variable is per default included.
If the analysis is coded, the variables must be given as x1, x2, and so forth, otherwise by their original names.
For redoing from within this dialog, manually empty the RHS model-formula box; when clicking the FO, TWI, PQ and SO while some factors are selected in the variables box, the respective terms are entered to the model.


Ulrike Groemping, adapted to this situation from menu by John Fox

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