Rquake: Seismic Hypocenter Determination

Hypocenter estimation and analysis of seismic data collected continuously, or in trigger mode. The functions organize other functions from RSEIS and GEOmap to help researchers pick, locate, and store hypocenters for detailed seismic investigation.

AuthorJonathan M. Lees
Date of publication2016-08-20 22:28:59
MaintainerJonathan M. Lees <jonathan.lees@unc.edu>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

ASW.vel: 1D Velocity Ecuador

BLACKJACK: Jackknife earthquake location

chak: View Picked Data

clusterWPX: Cluster Analysis of Picks

CONTPF: Button to Contour Pickfile Arrivals

contPFarrivals: Contour Pickfile Arrivals

convertseis2R: Convert seismic data

coso_sta_LLZ: Coso Station File

defaultVEL: Default Velocity Function

DistWeight: Distance wheighting

doAmap: Plot a map of station locations

DoRLocate: Locate a set of picks in native R format

eqlipse: Error Elipse for Hypocenter Location

eqwrapup: Earthquake Wrap Uo

EQXYresid: Calculate Residuals

euler_passive: Euler Rotation Angles

getEulers: Get Eulers Angles

getGAP: Get Seismic Gap

GETpsTT: Get Pand S travel times and derivatives

getregionals: Extract regional events

getresidTT: Travel time residuals

Gfirstguess: First gues from a pick file

gMAP: Generic Map Button

GPIX: PICK Buttons for swig

HiJACK: Jackknife a list of events

imageINFLUENCE: Image Influence of stations

INITpickfile: Initialize a pickfile

Klocate: Earthquake Hypocenter Location

lastPIX: Last Pix

latlonz2wpx: Add Lat-Lon-Z to WPX list

LDATlist: List location data

LeftjustTime: Adjust times relative to least minute.

legitWPX: Legitimate Pix

MeanStaDist: Mean Station Distance

NLSlocate: Nonlinear Least Squares Location

OnePerSta: One Phase Pick Per Station

PCfiledatetime: Create a character string from a date

PCsaveWPX: Save WPX list

PFoutput: Write a pickfile to disk

Pick3: PICK Buttons for swig

plotEQ: Plot Earthquake location

plotJACKLLZ: BoxPlot Jackknife of station locations

PostREQquake: Post Processing on EQrquake

PostVquake: Plotting error ellipsoids of many events

prepPDE: Read PDE file

Qrangedatetime: Range of Date Time

RElocateEQ: Relocate earthquakes stored in UW format

ReSet: Button to reset the choices of station and component

rgl.ellipsoid: rgl.ellipsoid

rgl.ellipsoids: Add many ellipsoids to an rgl plot.

rglGEOmapXY: High Level plot of GEO map

ripper: Rip off Event location information

ROTcovQUAKE: Rotated Covariance matrix of Earthquake Location

Rowz2Keep: Rows to Keep for inversion

RQ: Rquake Button

Rquake-package: Seismic Analysis of Earthquake Hypocenter determination

SavePF: Save Pick File Button

SELstaDB: Pick stations and components interactively

UPdateEQLOC: Update an Earthquake location

viewCHAC: View Continuous Data

viewseis: View Continuous Data

Vlocate: Hypocenter Determination

XYerror.bars: Error Bars in X and Y

XYlocate: Locate Earthquake with UTM projection

XYSETUP: Set up matrix for hypocenter inversion

Y2Pphase: Convert Y-phase to P-phase


ASW.vel Man page
chak Man page
clusterWPX Man page
CONTPF Man page
contPFarrivals Man page
convertseis2R Man page
coso_sta_LLZ Man page
defaultVEL Man page
DistWeight Man page
DistWeightLL Man page
DistWeightXY Man page
doAmap Man page
DoRLocate Man page
DoUWLocate Man page
editPIX Man page
eqlipse Man page
eqwrapup Man page
EQXYresid Man page
euler_passive Man page
fuj1.vel Man page
getEulers Man page
getGAP Man page
GETpsTT Man page
getregionals Man page
getresidTT Man page
Gfirstguess Man page
gMAP Man page
GPIX Man page
HiJACK Man page
imageINFLUENCE Man page
INITpickfile Man page
jap1.vel Man page
Klocate Man page
lastPIX Man page
latlonz2wpx Man page
LDATlist Man page
LeftjustTime Man page
legitWPX Man page
LITHOS.vel Man page
MeanStaDist Man page
montserat.vel Man page
NLSlocate Man page
OnePerSta Man page
PCfiledatetime Man page
PCsaveWPX Man page
PFoutput Man page
Pick3 Man page
plotEQ Man page
plotJACKLLZ Man page
PostREQquake Man page
PostVquake Man page
prepPDE Man page
Qrangedatetime Man page
RElocateEQ Man page
ReSet Man page
rgl.ellipsoid Man page
rgl.ellipsoids Man page
rglGEOmapXY Man page
ripper Man page
ROTcovQUAKE Man page
Rowz2Keep Man page
RQ Man page
Rquake Man page
Rquake-package Man page
SaveCSV Man page
SavePF Man page
SELstaDB Man page
StHelens4.vel Man page
UPdateEQLOC Man page
viewCHAC Man page
viewseis Man page
Vlocate Man page
wu_coso.vel Man page
XYerror.bars Man page
XYlocate Man page
XYSETUP Man page
Y2Pphase Man page


Rquake/R/eqwrapup.R Rquake/R/legitWPX.R Rquake/R/chak.R Rquake/R/getresidTT.R Rquake/R/PCfiledatetime.R Rquake/R/XYSETUP.R Rquake/R/Pick3.R Rquake/R/DoRLocate.R Rquake/R/ROTcovQUAKE.R Rquake/R/Rowz2Keep.R Rquake/R/imageINFLUENCE.R Rquake/R/BLACKJACK.R Rquake/R/viewCHAC.R Rquake/R/GETpsTT.R Rquake/R/Y2Pphase.R Rquake/R/DistWeight.R Rquake/R/gMAP.R Rquake/R/HiJACK.R Rquake/R/CONTPF.R Rquake/R/plotEQ.R Rquake/R/RElocateEQ.R Rquake/R/PostVquake.R Rquake/R/viewseis.R Rquake/R/rgl.ellipsoid.R Rquake/R/Qrangedatetime.R Rquake/R/doAmap.R Rquake/R/rgl.ellipsoids.R Rquake/R/ReSet.R Rquake/R/XYlocate.R Rquake/R/Vlocate.R Rquake/R/getGAP.R Rquake/R/UPdateEQLOC.R Rquake/R/getregionals.R Rquake/R/lastPIX.R Rquake/R/contPFarrivals.R Rquake/R/clusterWPX.R Rquake/R/RQ.R Rquake/R/PCsaveWPX.R Rquake/R/LeftjustTime.R Rquake/R/euler_passive.R Rquake/R/LDATlist.R Rquake/R/GPIX.R Rquake/R/Klocate.R Rquake/R/EQXYresid.R Rquake/R/SavePF.R Rquake/R/PFoutput.R Rquake/R/eqlipse.R Rquake/R/prepPDE.R Rquake/R/defaultVEL.R Rquake/R/XYerror.bars.R Rquake/R/OnePerSta.R Rquake/R/SaveCSV.R Rquake/R/plotJACKLLZ.R Rquake/R/latlonz2wpx.R Rquake/R/convertseis2R.R Rquake/R/rglGEOmapXY.R Rquake/R/SELstaDB.R Rquake/R/getEulers.R Rquake/R/INITpickfile.R Rquake/R/MeanStaDist.R Rquake/R/editPIX.R Rquake/R/Gfirstguess.R Rquake/R/ripper.R Rquake/R/PostREQquake.R Rquake/R/NLSlocate.R Rquake/R/DoUWLocate.R
Rquake/man/Qrangedatetime.Rd Rquake/man/ROTcovQUAKE.Rd Rquake/man/PFoutput.Rd Rquake/man/rglGEOmapXY.Rd Rquake/man/Y2Pphase.Rd Rquake/man/viewseis.Rd Rquake/man/LDATlist.Rd Rquake/man/Rowz2Keep.Rd Rquake/man/XYSETUP.Rd Rquake/man/NLSlocate.Rd Rquake/man/defaultVEL.Rd Rquake/man/getEulers.Rd Rquake/man/OnePerSta.Rd Rquake/man/XYlocate.Rd Rquake/man/RElocateEQ.Rd Rquake/man/HiJACK.Rd Rquake/man/LeftjustTime.Rd Rquake/man/Pick3.Rd Rquake/man/eqwrapup.Rd Rquake/man/BLACKJACK.Rd Rquake/man/ASW.vel.Rd Rquake/man/GETpsTT.Rd Rquake/man/ripper.Rd Rquake/man/EQXYresid.Rd Rquake/man/plotJACKLLZ.Rd Rquake/man/rgl.ellipsoids.Rd Rquake/man/DistWeight.Rd Rquake/man/CONTPF.Rd Rquake/man/coso_sta_LLZ.Rd Rquake/man/chak.Rd Rquake/man/gMAP.Rd Rquake/man/euler_passive.Rd Rquake/man/getregionals.Rd Rquake/man/getGAP.Rd Rquake/man/XYerror.bars.Rd Rquake/man/PostVquake.Rd Rquake/man/GPIX.Rd Rquake/man/plotEQ.Rd Rquake/man/UPdateEQLOC.Rd Rquake/man/clusterWPX.Rd Rquake/man/Rquake-package.Rd Rquake/man/eqlipse.Rd Rquake/man/viewCHAC.Rd Rquake/man/legitWPX.Rd Rquake/man/ReSet.Rd Rquake/man/DoRLocate.Rd Rquake/man/Vlocate.Rd Rquake/man/imageINFLUENCE.Rd Rquake/man/INITpickfile.Rd Rquake/man/SavePF.Rd Rquake/man/SELstaDB.Rd Rquake/man/Klocate.Rd Rquake/man/getresidTT.Rd Rquake/man/RQ.Rd Rquake/man/PCfiledatetime.Rd Rquake/man/rgl.ellipsoid.Rd Rquake/man/doAmap.Rd Rquake/man/Gfirstguess.Rd Rquake/man/latlonz2wpx.Rd Rquake/man/prepPDE.Rd Rquake/man/PostREQquake.Rd Rquake/man/convertseis2R.Rd Rquake/man/PCsaveWPX.Rd Rquake/man/contPFarrivals.Rd Rquake/man/MeanStaDist.Rd Rquake/man/lastPIX.Rd

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