Man pages for Rquake
Seismic Hypocenter Determination

ASW.vel1D Velocity Ecuador
BLACKJACKJackknife earthquake location
chakView Picked Data
clusterWPXCluster Analysis of Picks
CONTPFButton to Contour Pickfile Arrivals
contPFarrivalsContour Pickfile Arrivals
convertseis2RConvert seismic data
coso_sta_LLZCoso Station File
defaultVELDefault Velocity Function
DistWeightDistance wheighting
doAmapPlot a map of station locations
DoRLocateLocate a set of picks in native R format
eqlipseError Elipse for Hypocenter Location
eqwrapupEarthquake Wrap Uo
EQXYresidCalculate Residuals
euler_passiveEuler Rotation Angles
getEulersGet Eulers Angles
getGAPGet Seismic Gap
GETpsTTGet Pand S travel times and derivatives
getregionalsExtract regional events
getresidTTTravel time residuals
GfirstguessFirst gues from a pick file
gMAPGeneric Map Button
GPIXPICK Buttons for swig
HiJACKJackknife a list of events
imageINFLUENCEImage Influence of stations
INITpickfileInitialize a pickfile
KlocateEarthquake Hypocenter Location
lastPIXLast Pix
latlonz2wpxAdd Lat-Lon-Z to WPX list
LDATlistList location data
LeftjustTimeAdjust times relative to least minute.
legitWPXLegitimate Pix
MeanStaDistMean Station Distance
NLSlocateNonlinear Least Squares Location
OnePerStaOne Phase Pick Per Station
PCfiledatetimeCreate a character string from a date
PCsaveWPXSave WPX list
PFoutputWrite a pickfile to disk
Pick3PICK Buttons for swig
plotEQPlot Earthquake location
plotJACKLLZBoxPlot Jackknife of station locations
PostREQquakePost Processing on EQrquake
PostVquakePlotting error ellipsoids of many events
prepPDERead PDE file
QrangedatetimeRange of Date Time
RElocateEQRelocate earthquakes stored in UW format
ReSetButton to reset the choices of station and component
rgl.ellipsoidsAdd many ellipsoids to an rgl plot.
rglGEOmapXYHigh Level plot of GEO map
ripperRip off Event location information
ROTcovQUAKERotated Covariance matrix of Earthquake Location
Rowz2KeepRows to Keep for inversion
RQRquake Button
Rquake-packageSeismic Analysis of Earthquake Hypocenter determination
SavePFSave Pick File Button
SELstaDBPick stations and components interactively
UPdateEQLOCUpdate an Earthquake location
viewCHACView Continuous Data
viewseisView Continuous Data
VlocateHypocenter Determination
XYerror.barsError Bars in X and Y
XYlocateLocate Earthquake with UTM projection
XYSETUPSet up matrix for hypocenter inversion
Y2PphaseConvert Y-phase to P-phase
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