Man pages for SimDesign
Structure for Organizing Monte Carlo Simulation Designs

add_missingAdd missing values to a vector given a MCAR, MAR, or MNAR...
aggregate_simulationsCollapse separate simulation files into a single result
AnalyseCompute estimates and statistics
AttachAttach the simulation conditions for easier reference
BF_simExample simulation from Brown and Forsythe (1974)
BF_sim_alternative(Alternative) Example simulation from Brown and Forsythe...
biasCompute (relative) bias summary statistic
ECRCompute the empirical coverage rate for Type I errors and...
EDRCompute the empirical detection rate for Type I errors and...
GenerateGenerate data
MAECompute the mean absolute error
RDCompute the relative difference
RECompute the relative efficiency of multiple estimators
rHeadrickGenerate non-normal data with Headrick's (2002) method
rinvWishartGenerate data with the inverse Wishart distribution
rmghGenerate data with the multivariate g-and-h distribution
RMSECompute the (normalized) root mean square error
rmvnormGenerate data with the multivariate normal (i.e., Gaussian)...
rmvtGenerate data with the multivariate t distribution
rtruncateGenerate a random set of values within a truncated range
runSimulationRun a Monte Carlo simulation given a data.frame of conditions...
rValeMaurelliGenerate non-normal data with Vale & Maurelli's (1983) method
SimAnovaFunction for decomposing the simulation into ANOVA-based...
SimCleanRemoves/cleans files and folders that have been saved
SimDesignStructure for Organizing Monte Carlo Simulation Designs
SimFunctionsSkeleton functions for simulations
SimResultsFunction to read in saved simulation results
SimShinyGenerate a basic Monte Carlo simulation GUI template
subset.SimDesignSubset method for SimDesign objects
SummariseSummarise simulated data using various population comparison...
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